F1 2017 Williams Career Helmet 2017-09-03

F1 2017, Williams, Career Mode, Custom Helmet

  1. Tivapularz
    Hey :) ,
    this is my first Helmet Mod for F1 2017. I hope you like it :)
    Here is a Tutorial in how to import the Helmet into your Game:


    If there is anything I could help you with involving this Helmet, don't hesatate to ask :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. vladimirjeger
    Version: 2017-09-03
    Really good helmet :) Can you send me the version without decals and number so I can customize it to my career? :)
    1. Tivapularz
      Author's Response
      Sure I can do it without the Number, but I think that it could get tricky without the decals, since there are just white spots under them. For which Team are you driving? I would customize it for you :)
  2. Laksu
    Version: 2017-09-03
    Really good helmet but color theme is not for me