F1 2017 Suits v0.3

At the moment Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes suits

  1. nsss
    F1 2017 Suits pack

    This pack is still in progress but I thought I would update it when new suits are ready. Probably will add gloves later as well. But at the moment Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes suits are included.

    Williams - in progress

    If you want to include these in your download please credit me properly ;)

    Enjoy :D
    Ferrari_Render.jpg Red_BullRender.jpg Mercedes Render.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Rogerson Roller
    Rogerson Roller
    Version: v0.3
    great work.
  2. TheSourceOfTheNile
    Version: v0.3
    Awesome work! I was wondering if I could use one of the Redbull suits for a skin mod of Vettel's 2012 Redbull RB9? If you're interested I'll give you full credit for making the suit.
    1. nsss
      Author's Response
      Absolutelt ;)
  3. Vanisch
    Version: v0.3
    great work. Thanks
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