F1 2017 Renault R.S. 17 Inspired Skin 1.02

This is my version of the renault 2017 car for f1 2015

  1. F1 2017 Renault R.S. 17 Inspired Skin ver 1.02

    whats up guys, a small update on my 2017 Renault f1 mod
    see note for details

    ver 1.02
    -added the R.S. logo on the car
    -fix the white color error in the tyre when looking at the mirror from a different car or when looking at the car from a far
    -made the car number larger and color it black
    -update the baseball cap of Hulkenberg and Palmer (not sure on Palmer if the cap is from 2017 or 2016)
    -update the drivers race suit
    -update the race crew and pit crew's livery
    -I used...
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