F1 2017 Pirelli P Zero and Cinturato HD Ultimate Final

F1 2017 Pirelli P Zero and Cinturato HD

  1. Tyre textures

    Gulf Air
    Tyre textures.
  2. Final

    Gulf Air
    Final version.
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  3. New model

    Gulf Air
    New tyre model, new wear, textures and effects.
  4. Hard tyres fix.

    Gulf Air
    Hard tyres color fix.
  5. damage textures

    Gulf Air
    Update damage textures.
  6. Tyre wear rate

    Gulf Air
    Tyre wear rate.
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  7. Real tyre wear

    Gulf Air
    Real tyre wear all types.
  8. Tread animation

    Gulf Air
    Tread animation
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