F1 2017 Fictional Driver Line Up 1

A fun, custom made season that allows you to see new names at the top without years of R&D.

  1. Michas23
    Hello RD. This is my first ever mod I made, so I would really appreciate any constructive criticism. Basically, I decided to make my own F1 2017 driver lineup, to change it up a bit (Not that Nico retiring causing Valtteri to move, and others to move isn't exciting).
    *I have included all driver numbers from Formula Renault to F1 to ensure there is no overlap. I also have included OFFICAL DRIVER STATS as of 39/08/17, (Before Monza 2017)
    *WORKS WITH ONLINE, so you can go straight to multiplayer after taking part in some crazy results
    *Can save in career mode, so you don't lose progress.

    Install Guide:
    *Simply to install download my language_eng.lng file. Then open it with a rar program such as winrar. This is required.
    *Find where you keep your games, for most it is in: (> means then/next)
    ThisPC>C:>Programfiles(x86)>steam>steamapps>common>F1 2017.
    *Once in F1 2017 open up localisation and simply copy or drag the file into the folder.
    Thats all :)

    Driver Line up:
    (*In the brackets is the driver's number)
    (*This is not based on any young driver affiliations with teams)

    Williams: Latifi (10) and Stroll (18)
    Toro Rosso: Gasly (15) and Markelov (6)
    Sauber: Sirotkin (8) and Oliver Rowland (9)
    Renault: Kubica (4) and Vettel (5)
    Red Bull Racing: de Vries (19) and Wehrlein (94)
    Mercedes: Ricciardo (3) and Alonso (14)
    McLaren: Lewis Hamilton (22) and Vandoorne (13)
    Haas: Grosjean (8) + Magnussen (20) (Unchanged)
    Force India: Vestappen (33) + Ocon (31) (Unchanged)
    Ferrari: Leclerc (21) + Gionvinazzi (99)
    upload_2017-9-1_0-31-45.png upload_2017-9-1_0-32-38.png upload_2017-9-1_0-34-52.png upload_2017-9-1_0-36-19.png upload_2017-9-1_0-37-19.png upload_2017-9-1_0-40-39.png


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Recent Reviews

  1. Gulf Air
    Gulf Air
    Version: 1
    Amazing work!
    1. Michas23
      Author's Response
      Hahah thank you, I mainly did this because I wanted Fernando to win haha :)
  2. davexw
    Version: 1
    Nice good job =)
    I need to modify file erp, camera cockpit and give more value to "near clip" (Erases pre-wheel texture) for my personal simulator, and I can change it without problems with ego erp, jpk ... but in online detects it as "trap", expelled for cheating , I can not enter games or create, aplicattion.erp or mercedes.erp give online error by the minimum size bug I guess only change value nearl cleap 0.03 to 0.99.
    Can someone help me, I write here because I see that this mod goes online thanks
    1. Michas23
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, I will look at it and give you a response. The thing is though my files edited are called Lng files. They work online when edited, because if you couldn't have different LNG files working, Russian people couldn't play with the English, or French with the Brazilians etc. I WILL TRY AND GET BACK TO YOU THOUGH.
  3. Redish
    Version: 1
    Does it save in career?
    1. Michas23
      Author's Response
      Yes it does man, and works online.
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