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F1 2017 - Drivers changes (EN) Drivers Change 4.0

F1 2017 - Drivers changes (EN)

  1. felipeklaynntc
    Mercedes: L. Hamilton, V. Bottas
    Red Bull: D. Ricciardo, M.Verstappen
    Ferrari: S. Vettel, K. Raikkonen
    Force India: S. Perez, E.Ocon
    Williams: F. Massa, L. Stroll
    McLaren: F. Alonso, S. Vandoorne
    Toro Rosso: D. Kvyat, C. Sainz
    Hass: R. Grosjean, K. Magnussen
    Reanult: N. Hulk, J. Palmer
    Sauber: M. Ericsson, P. Wehrlein
    Manor: J. King, F. Nasr

    accept suggestions for manor.

    Install in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2016\localisation

    No programs necessary
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