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F1 2016 Season MOD 1.2 Enhancement (For SKYFALL Mod) 2016-05-13

Fix swapped drivers team suit, Kvyat <-> Vers, etc

  1. silidus
    Hi guys,

    I am added & fixed SKYFALL F1 2016 SEASON MOD 1.2 .
    This will only work for SKYFALL F1 2016 SEASON MOD 1.2
    All Credits goes to Skyfall for awesome mods

    First, you must already use SKYFALL F1 2016 SEASON MOD 1.2
    - Fix swapped drivers team suit due to database change
    - New teams logo edges
    - Kvyat back to Toro Rosso & Verstappen to Red Bull
    - Small teams logo in young driver test
    - New teams garage logo & sponsors

    Note: If you already use SKYFALL F1 2016 SEASON MOD 1.2, it works fine with your savegame file. If you haven't use SKYFALL F1 2016 SEASON MOD 1.2, it will deleted your savegame file.

    Note 2: Drivers still use original suit & helmet.

    Enjoy :)
    Regards, Silidus

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. MrTheRacer
    Version: 2016-05-13
    realy nice job this will make the 2016 mod even better
    1. silidus
      Author's Response
      Thanks, glad many moders work for 2016 mod.
      Love your skins work :)
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