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F1 2016 Mod for 2014 Version of F1 2015 - TSS

F1 2016 Mod for 2014 Version of F1 2015 - TSS 1.7

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-Added 2016 McLaren Honda livery
-Added 2016 McLaren Honda race suit
-Added 2016 Helmets for Button & Alonso (Magnussen body)

Note: I've been busy this last week, and will not be able to develop this mod for another week. I'll be back with 1.7e and 1.8 after the British Grand Prix though!
1.7e will contain the rest of the McLaren update, along with finishing Renault, Haas, Manor and Force India. 1.8 will be Sauber or Ferrari.

Also thank you for the support on this mod, we're now the most downloaded F1 2015 mod on RD which is crazy!

PS-before you ask, the hearts on the McLaren cannot be made bigger :) #BlameCodies

-Updated Haas driver images on start menu (Thanks silidus!)
-Added Realistic 2016 performance & Realistic Damage
-Added 2016 helmets for Palmer & Magnussen
-Added 2016 Renault garage, pit wall and names
-Added 2016 Renault teamwear and racewear (pitcrew coming soon)

Thanks Laubie for your work making the 2016 performance and including realistic damage!

Original Mod:
-Updated Verstappen helmet to red top (Shoutout to Frankse for updating his resource!)
-Removed Blackberry logo from Mercedes racewear
-Added 2016 Haas racewear & teamwear (pitcrew soon)
-Added 2016 helmets for Grosjean & Gutierrez (Frankse :) )
-Updated Lotus garage to Haas F1 garage (including pit names/pit wall)
-Updated Haas steering wheel (changed Lotus logo to Haas logo)

1.5: Liveries
-Swapped Renault with Haas
-Updated driver images and driver names for swap
-Added 2016 Renault Livery to Caterham
-Added 2016 Haas Livery to Lotus
-Added 2016 Force India Livery
Note: 2016 Garages/Teamwear/Helmets not in this update (1.6 soon)

1.4: The Mercedes Update
-Added 2016 Mercedes Livery
-Added 2016 Garage names and garage logos
-Added 2016 teamwear and pitcrew
-Added 2016 helmets for Hamilton & Rosberg (Massive shoutout to Frankse for making Hamilton's helmet!)

-Added red stripe to Williams pitcrew helmet.

Am planning to do Renault and Haas next. There may be big changes for 1.5 but will be 'experimenting' first. Also done 2016 liveries for McLaren, Sauber & Ferrari but not fully happy with them yet which is why they have been pushed back.

1.3: The Manor Update
-Added 2016 Manor livery (Massive shoutout to silidus for making the livery!)
-Added 2016 Garage names and garage logos
-Added 2016 teamwear (pitcrew coming soon)
-Added 2016 helmets for Haryanto & Wehrlein

-Added Martini sponsoring for Williams garage
-Updated Williams sponsors in garage
-Updated Red Bull paint for a more matte effect (only very small)

-Red Bull
--Fixed Infiniti purple colour seen on some reflections on Red Bull car
--Fixed Red Bull garage names - Verstappen & Ricciardo are in correct position.
--Replaced 'Red Bull Racing' name with Red Bull logo on garage names
--Removed Infiniti logo seen on back of Red Bull garage (purple stripes are not possible to remove)
--Updated Red Bull sponsors on back of garage (sundries file)
--Added Williams logo to garage names
1.2: The Williams Martini Racing Update
-Added 2016 Williams livery (Rexona logo not possible)
-Updated 2016 Bottas & Massa Helmets
-Added 2016 driver suit
-Added 2016 pit crew suit & team wear

Next big updates will be Manor, then McLaren!
-Fixed Red Bull decal so it has Red Bull logo on both sides
-Decreased size of Red Bull logo on front of car (like in real life)
-Fine tuned the livery
-Updated language file which was incorrectly added in 1.1 (Fixed driver names + 2016 track names/sponsors)
1.1: The Red Bull Update
-Added 2016 Red Bull livery
-Updated 2016 Ricciardo helmet
-Updated 2016 Verstappen helmet (Vettel's body)
-Added 2016 Race Suit (including 2016 gloves)
-Added 2016 Team Wear (Race crew & Pit crew)
-Updated Team driver names on garage.

Fixed in game names:
Vergne is now Sainz
Vettel is now Verstappen
(Bigger update to come soon!)