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F1 2016 Mod for 2014 Version of F1 2015 - TSS

F1 2016 Mod for 2014 Version of F1 2015 - TSS 1.7

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F1 2016 Mod for F1 2015 (2014 Game Mode)
This mod adds all 2016 drivers and teams into F1 2015 (within the 2014 Gamemode of F1 2015)
This mod includes Haas!

(Please Note: As of now, driver name and team name changes are only within the English language file. This mod will show the 2014 drivers/team names if you are using a different language. The 2015 game mode will also become glitchy in terms of driver names.)

Future Updates:
-2016 liveries (in progress)
-2016 garages (in progress)

Big thanks to Frankse, kohayashi and talisman for making the majority of the helmets.
Big thanks to Laubie for making the realistic damage and 2016 performance.
Big thanks to silidus for making the Manor livery and for providing the Haas images from 1.6.

Changelog (Small updates not shown here):

1.7: The McLaren-Honda Update

-Added 2016 McLaren Honda livery
-Added 2016 McLaren Honda race suit
-Added 2016 Helmets for Button & Alonso (Magnussen body)

1.6: Renault, 2016 Performance & more...
-Updated Haas driver images on start menu (Thanks silidus!)
-Added 2016 helmets for Palmer & Magnussen
-Added 2016 Renault garage, pit wall and names
-Added 2016 Renault teamwear and racewear (pitcrew coming soon)
-Added Realistic 2016 performance & Realistic Damage - Thanks Laubie! http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2016-performance-mod-for-2014-version-of-f1-2015.10888

1.5: Liveries...
-Swapped Renault with Haas
-Updated driver images and driver names for swap
-Added 2016 Renault Livery to Caterham
-Added 2016 Haas Livery to Lotus
-Added 2016 Force India Livery
Note: 2016 Garages/Teamwear/Helmets not in this update

1.4: The Mercedes Update
-Added 2016 Mercedes Livery
-Added 2016 Garage names and garage logos
-Added 2016 teamwear and pitcrew
-Added 2016 helmets for Hamilton & Rosberg (Massive shoutout to Frankse for making Hamilton's helmet!)
-Added red stripe to Williams pitcrew helmet.

1.3: The Manor Update
-Added 2016 Manor livery (Massive shoutout to silidus for making the livery!)
-Added 2016 Garage names and garage logos
-Added 2016 teamwear (pitcrew coming soon)
-Added 2016 helmets for Haryanto & Wehrlein
-Added Martini sponsoring for Williams garage
-Updated Williams sponsors in garage
-Updated Red Bull paint for a more matte effect (only very small)

1.2: The Williams Martini Racing Update
-Added 2016 Williams livery (Rexona logo not possible)
-Updated 2016 Bottas & Massa Helmets
-Added 2016 driver suit
-Added 2016 pit crew suit & team wear

1.1: The Red Bull Update
-Added 2016 Red Bull livery
-Updated 2016 Ricciardo helmet
-Updated 2016 Verstappen helmet (Vettel's body)
-Added 2016 Race Suit
-Added 2016 Team Wear (Race crew & Pit crew)
-Updated Team driver names on garage.

Added driver images for all 22 drivers.
Added all 2016 drivers and 2016 teams.













Latest updates

  1. The McLaren Honda (P1)

    1.7: -Added 2016 McLaren Honda livery -Added 2016 McLaren Honda race suit -Added 2016 Helmets...
  2. 2016 Performance, Renault and more...

    1.6: -Updated Haas driver images on start menu (Thanks silidus!) -Added Realistic 2016...
  3. 1.5 extension

    1.5e: -Updated Verstappen helmet to red top (Shoutout to Frankse for updating his resource!)...

Latest reviews

Great job. Cheers.
nice mod
Great mod. I really like it a lot! That's why I gave 5 star rating but I still have a question.

Why does Vettel still have the Alonso helmet? I tried to change it myself but didn't work out...

Can you help me out??
Thanks for this mod is the best by 2016 pilots. Drivers IA is not the best and rivals continue doing bad shunting. If anyone can get me the language_spa.lng file for this Mod would be very grateful.You can see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JS_4Q2FiCQ
This is the best mod, when comes the update?
Nice mod, but why is in my 2015 alonso vettel and verstappen tho?? the rest is very nice good job!
3 stars for something that isn't possible to be changed...
Excellent in general. Unfortunately it seems the McLaren Honda livery isn't quite up to the quality of the other liveries. I don't know if its just an issue with how the lighting makes it look, but the real car definitely has more red in it. This looks more like a Pirelli Test car with some splashes of red :P
I see where you're coming from but the red heart design isn't possible to make bigger. The McLaren 2014 car is limited in general so some of the sponsors are not possible either...
its great
l don't know, what's in the "rest of mclaren" pack but l hope there's a new steering wheel because this mercedes sign there is strange a little bit :D sadly no more updates for a week but if you listen to me, you leave ferrari in the last update, than every people will be excited until the last update :D keep up this work mate ;)
Rest of McLaren includes steering wheel, garage, pit wall, engineers and pit crew update. Might leave Ferrari till last thinking about it now :)
Excellent job! And the Renault is just a bit...not yellow enough if know what i mean..
I'm wait for McLaren and Ferrari
Very Good Mod but i got so much Performance Problems that is amazing. I got ingame now 20 FPS i was on line before 60
I don't believe that would be down to the mod as the resolutions of the textures haven't changed. I haven't seen any performance issues either.
Great mod, one of the best out there! Any plans on adding the ultra soft tyre?
It's impossible, as the tyre files cannot be changed.
Absolutely brilliant man!

One small thing, can you somehow import the 2015 car models since the 2014 noses are hideous? Also, the performance of McHonda is a bit worse than it actually is now. Maybe make them more or less equal with Toro Rosso?

But these are small things. This mod is brilliant and you should be proud of it!
Thanks, for the noses question, I tried importing the 2015 models but it didn't work. Someone else may try it and get it to work successfully at some point though. As for the performance question, ask Laubie on his download page as it is his mod and therefore would need to update it if it needs changing.
very cool, l can't wait for mclaren, ferrari, sauber and toro rosso :D the performance mod is just simply awesome, it's really perfect :) keep up the good work! :D
Thank Laubie for the performance mod on his page http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2016-performance-mod-for-2014-version-of-f1-2015.10888
And I have made liveries for Ferrari, Sauber and McLaren but I want to make them better before release.
I love the haas update great and one question.When is the performance update out because it namely already a mod for it so giving for the 2014 version
Yeah someone just uploaded a performance mod and allowed me to put it in the mod, that will be uploaded within the next hour along with more updates.
Great mod I'm loving it ! If you can make the force india steering wheel with the leds it would be great ! But enen without this detail it's juste amazing ! Continue :D
If you can find reference images and post them in the 'ask questions/get support' section then I'd be happy to try it :)
It's possible to use other car chassis and use it for other teams?
For example: You use RedBull chassis to make the Mclaren Car
Just like F1 2014 mods.
If it is possible, use the Williams 2015 car for make the mod, only if people are with me.

Good Work for this mod, I LOVE IT
I did try and change round chassis' and it didn't work, if someone can figure how to successfully swap the idf files around then I'm all up for doing it, but I wasn't able to swap them.
McLaren soon, just perfecting :)
File size
50.9 MB
First release
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User rating
4.66 star(s) 38 ratings

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