F1 2016 Cars 3D model

F1 2016 Cars 3D model 1.01

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=================== F1 2016 Cars 3D Model =============

File Logs:

- This is not a mod but a tool that will help modders of Codemaster's F1 2016 in creating mods with the use of real in-game model with
Adobe Photoshop.

- File List:
High Quality 3D models of the FF:

+ 2016 Ferrari
+ 2016 Force India
+ 2016 Haas
+ 2016 Lotus
+ 2016 Manor
+ 2016 Mclaren
+ 2016 Mercedes
+ 2016 Red Bull
+ 2016 Sauber
+ 2016 Toro Rosso
+ 2016 Williams

- Also Included are 3DS files of each car model for rendering with Keyshot ( for Keyshot user )
- Alpha channel included in all Decal texture eg, ferrari_decal.tga, force_india_steering_wheel_decal.tga
The paint and decal textures can't be view at the same time because they are using only one object but using 2 different material
;hence they are overlapping each other
the decal view can be view as default, to view the paint texture all you have to do is to make the decal file invisible
"NOTE" NEVER hide any object/mesh then saving, it will make that object/mesh permanently hidden.

sample images:
-decals textures

-paint textures (with wireframes)

also included are the 3ds files that can be use with keyshot
(for mod presenation etc..)

This 3D model is not for sale, if you want to share my 3D model please use the download link on Race Department of just link my RD profile.

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Thank you for your work on this, it made more work much, much easier. One question, eventually I got the side-by-side (PSD<->3D model) working in Photoshop CS6 with a lot of trial and error, is there a decent tutorial for doing this. I tried a page at Adobe which got me started, but I could not get it working with their method. Like I said, I just stumbled and got it working, but it was shear luck! Thanks again.
Awesome piece of work. Thanks
Thanks mate for your feedback. It helps me a lot. :)
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