F1 2016 All Cutscene Drivers Helmet & Suit Mod 1.1

Driver Helmets & Suits for F1 2016 season, only works for SKYFALL F1 2016 Season MOD 1.3

  1. silidus
    F1 2016 Season helmets & suits for cutscene drivers
    Mod 1.1
    Swapped suit & helmet Magnussen w/ Palmer
    Renault yellow driver suit
    Smaller file size

    Mod 1.0
    All cutscene drivers suit & helmet f1 2016 season

    This only works for SKYFALL F1 2016 SEASON MOD 1.3

    Please install SKYFALL F1 2016 SEASON MOD1.3 before using this mod.

    Mostly i use helmets & suits from 2015 season which is not so different with 2016. Gloves & Shoes still random & not updated

    Thanks to All inspiring moders.
    All Credits goes to:

    - Mercedes, Ferrari, Toro Rosso Suits -> Taken/Modified from "Smtung" mod.
    - Verstappen, Palmer, Wehrlein helmet -> Taken/Modified from "Franske" mod.
    - Williams suit, Haryanto helmet -> Taken/Modified from "chianamik"
    - F1 2016 Season Mod -> "Skyfall"

    I don't mean to offends anyone by taking their hard works, i'm just a guy who love to play f1 2013, and shared the fun and passion for f1 together.

    I know this is not perfect, but at least you can play with updated gears. I hope someone can improve this mod.

    Thanks, Enjoy & Let me know your opinion.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen
    Version: 1.0
    Good job mate! Awesome! :)
  2. Amzufar
    Version: 1.0
    Looks good bro ! :D Great job.
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