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F1 2015 Vehicle 3D Model 1.01

3D model of F1 2015 vehicles

  1. jburon72
    - Here are the 3D model of the cars for f1 2015 (2015 season) for photoshop.
    - this work the same way as my f1 2017 3d model
    - both the decal and the texture file are on one 3d model
    - also added a .3ds file for keyshot user

    If you need assistance in using the 3d model you can PM me or post your questions on the support page.
    -- Sample Images --

    using keyshot

    with photoshop
    This is not a mod but a tool for modders in creating skin for f1 2015.

    Have fun modding!

Recent Reviews

  1. mclbarri
    Version: 1.01
    Great!! Thank you!!
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