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F1 2014 Mod

F1 2014 Mod 0.5

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This is a recreation of the 2014 Formula 1 Season powered by Real Series Simulation, who originally created the mod for rFactor. It features the car models of every team plus the revised Caterham CT05.

Every car offers:
- functioning ERS system
- animated DRS
- steering wheel displays and LEDs
- rear ERS and pit indicator lights

All sounds from the individual engine manufacturers have been ported via FMOD.
When using Custom Shaders Patch, due to the TyresFX extension dynamic tyre compound change is available.

This is not a final release, since there still are some things unaccounted for; for instance no driver skins are available yet. For the time being you can use skins from previous or later seasons, which are supported by the Kunos base driver.

Latest reviews

Love it but is there a Martini version of the Williams ?
Geat mod thanks
The mod is good but the sound is really not great
everything about these cars is great except when I try to drive in automatic the ai doesnt shift down all the way that they are supposed to and you will be in 5th or 6th gear when you need to be in 2nd or something, I do not know what causes this exactly but i have only ran into this with modded cars so i am wondering if there is a way to fix this?? any help would be greatly appreciated
Great mod!
thx for making this。but i wait for upgrade。thx。
Hi! First, it is a really nice mod! Great work! :D 2nd, can I modify your mod and upload it? I want to change the engine! Would be nice to hear from you:)
too cool!
Excellent, fun to drive. My younger brother enjoyed it a lot :D Thanks for the mod <3
Cars look great, they sound good and the FFB feels good however the back of the car swings round everytime you try to turn making it really hard to drive. If this issue gets fixed then it would definitely be a 5 star :) Please keep up the good work and ignore the ungrateful @$$holes :)
Great work!
Pretty good job here. Models, sound and physic wise it is a really solid release. There are some little things to improve, like a echo of the sounds, something related to shadders (some os the steering wheels are far too brigth, they almost appear to be white) and driver animation doesn't match correctly the steering animation. This doesn't means it is a bad mod at all, so keep up the good work.
Amazing job! Thanks
Excellent job!
Thanks finally a 2014 mod
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot!
Very nice. The models could be a bit smoothed out, especially the steering wheel. Also the unnecessary echo needs to go. Also, there should be a bit more intuitive LED system on the steering wheels which tells you as much about things as the RSS cars. Maybe a real performance mod too and a Martini version for the Williams. Very fun to drive.
Mitchell Kakotsky
File size
472.8 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.65 star(s) 31 ratings

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