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F1 2014 - Handling Realism Mod (Pad & Wheel) + Texture Updates 1.41

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No more steering asssist for pad users
+ (update for wheel users)

1.4 Finally realistic feeling of driving

You need to have real driving skills to use 'advanced files', after you you have learned how car act, noone can stop you anymore.

Tyre wear

1.21 Let me know what do you think about game's feedback now. Is there too much of it?

Please let me know what you liked and what you disliked, so I can make the next update even better! 1.3 will be better with your feedback!

Turned all assist off? Feeling pro? Well you shouldn't...
JUST KIDDING... If you love the game how it is then this is not for you.

Codemasters added full steering assist for pad users includes keyboard players. I believe "hard core" or people who knows how to drive has noticed this and finds the game unplayable due that.

Change log
1.0 version
- Steering assist is removed
- Teams are balanced
1.1 version
- Teams are not balanced
1.2 version
- Handling is more responsively
- Handling differences between teams are huge
- Car setups are now in big role
- Need oversteer you get it. Need understeer you get it!
- !Wheel users should notice differences!
- Feedback is now online!
- New tyre wear texture
- Offroad driving takes life out from those tyres
- Restricted areas "unlocked"
- Parts come off more easily
What makes the driving unenjoyable due steering assist
  • You cannot make mistakes and if you do its more than hard to recove from low speed corners. Monaco is good example
  • You can use whatever brake setups you want and pretty much the outcome is same. Need to get car stop -> 60% front + high pressure + large brake pads or small (ligther car)
  • There is no way to have legit lock up since the car can turn specific amount on each turn -> means you cannot steer over the "ideal" point to "bad" point where your tyres would lock up.
  • Tyre wear is... ummm its umm Pirelli with steel tyres. Easily up to 18 laps in Austria one stop strategy meanwhile AI pits 2- 3. (50% race)
Those are the major points I suffered in many races and gave up with the game.

Firstly I searched if someone has already made this since I was going to start career but couldn't find any -> took the game files under magnification and I did it by myself and the game was WAY MUCH better with pad. I bet you can be not noticing how stupid it actually was.

And continues

This only "fixes" removes the steering assist from game and follow things will now occur in game after installing mod:

  • NORMAL lock ups <- oh men it feels great
  • Made mistake? recover without throwing the pad throught the window
  • Attack corners (using kerbs) as much as you want, since you can't do it
  • Tyre wear is pretty good:

1. Drive with high shifting and you will loose tyres faster.
2. Save tyres by low shifting
-> You can actually feel the point when you loose the best grip out of the tyres. Normally 2 to 3 laps pushing and tyres are not the same.
Same applies if saving tyres, start to push those few laps before pit, they can do it well but they are heavily worn by the time when entering the pit
Drive inside white lines and minimal wheel spin and you are good to go for extra laps
Drive outside track and you will notice it quickly
You really need to figure out which setups are good for you for stable race.
"Only" thing I just cannot understand in game WHY in practice session has so much traction control -> have good setups in practice -> Changes are high to rage quit in qualifying or in race

Installing the mod is piece of difficult cake:
1. Download
2. Locate your game root (where F12014.exe lies)
3. Overwrite when asked
4. Start the game and feel the differences

There is still alot assists which are hidden even thought you have all "off" whatever it means in game we will never find out.
Good example: Spin anywhere and while sliding sideway the car stops immeadilitly.

Latest updates

  1. ffb backups added

    added ffb backups
  2. Made mistake? Try next year again

    Been little busy, so it took some time to make this, hope you like it, since I was supposed to...
  3. Able to race like it should be!

    Seems there was malfunction in handbrake. Which made car spining + There was absolutely no grip...

Latest reviews

i just forcefeedback 5x
awesome me to understand better the game

but can you make it for f1-17?
idk if any1 mention that but it would be great :)
the mod works perfectly. the handling is perfect but before i can reach 360 kmh in monza and now only 335 kmh because of the shorter gear. can you fix that?
good ?but can you re made a mod Where the color of tires is less important because other mod with tyre hd are deleted . Exemple :
Very good job! Finally i can zigzag if i wrong the 1st chicane at Monza!
Can i ask why Sunday drivers has longer gear ratios than Advanced and Original ones ?
Otherwise good job
If I'm not complete wrong I didn't change the gear ratio values, but I might be wrong thought (Have you checked the values actually?). Either way the mod was quite time consuming project and there's actually quite many values which has the affect on motor etc. Glad to hear you liked it. I'm retired from this project for now, mostly because the game engine was what it was. No flat spots, proper AI pitting, tyre wear as color indicators, fuel as +2 laps left... etc
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 1.41
Perfect handling mod for the 2014 game!
thanks for the feedback!
very great mod ,,but pls can you make the mod for the 7 addtional track most important (jerez , indian ,germay tracks)
Thanks for the feedback. SURE! if you just give me few days
Love the mod, perfect for me.
Glad to hear!
G27 user here, I think it's a nice thought and those who are really good , beating legend with 1min duh it would be perfect. As I tried the mod I understood I needed to unlearn all I had learned. As the car over or understeered to the degree that I was 180degrees off track. I like the increased accel. Though not to have to relearn all tracks and replace all setups which actually do have effects even though this thread claims otherwise. Thumbs up for effort and a really hard adventure that I'm sure some wheel users will love. I will try to stick finding something here that will stop the AI from starting their career with all their R&D ready at 1th race, and something that gives wheel users same amount of grip as pad users. Thanks
thanks for the feedback. :)
I tried this today and loved it , a must need mod in F1 2014
Let the speed serve you! Glad to hear you liked it!
I would say it as THE best mod for this game. But I really have only one problem. I'm a Sunday Keyboard driver, and the problem is that I'm getting TOO GOOD starts. :/ I mean as soon as the race begins, I press the space key and zoom I just go ahead of almost everyone... Tho the lap times come great and perfect, but just the problem with the start. Is there any fix for that? Thank you in anticipation. :)
Nice to hear you liked it! I know indeed what are you talking about, but it's AI related "issue" since AI takes couple first corners slowly including start. What's funny that the files what I have modded car performance etc does have none or what-so-ever affect on AI, which tells something about the game. As far as I can say the "game engine" is taken from miniclip and used that core to expand it with tutorials all over the internet to get "master" game of F1. Maybe that's not the case but who knows for sure? Even thought few months back when I was working with this I was full of joy and I really thought I could do something "big" but the game has sooo many "hidden factors" basicly hidden files, atributes which are impossible to edit. For example I spent couple of days to see tutorial or any lead how to edit engineer voices, but it seemed to be impossible, since codemasters has made "stunning" voice acting or something. Not sure about that either... OH MEN why I am ranting in every post that I made here... My only hope is that the F1 2015 will be good. It doesn't need to be excellent just good. Manual starts, I mean how hard could that be?
Must have mod for F1 2014, definitely recommend Sunday drivers for 360 controllers, advanced is undrivable without a wheel. Would be awesome if you could apply the same direct input steering to other Codies games like dirt 3 and F1 2013 as well. would be much appreciated! having that anti-understeer assist is so annoying.
glad to hear you liked :). I'm currently retired from F1 and other driving games. Althought I made DIY racing wheel, exactly like Rosberg's wheel and the outcome was pretty good. But yes the F1 2013 and grid has own downsides but they do have their highlights too: for example grid has much more "deeper" gameplay. Physics, crashed, damage, etc. If I'm not totally wrong you could see other drivers too in replay? Or is this just may imagine? lul what's wrong with codemasters? My only hope is that the F1 2015 won't be bad made pc port nor awful pad controlling. And many... many other things pre- and postrace lap, pit lane, engineering voice, physics, damage, physics, did I mention physics?
Steering is overresponding. Tons of oversteer in all circuits. Terrible wheelspin. I'm a Sunday driver and it's IMPOSSIBLE to control the car even on the wheel- things were the same to Robson Cleyton .
Hey, if that's the case then there must be something terrible wrong in your game files, since those files are foolproof and gives high grip levels in rear tyres, which makes the wheelspin minimum, actually none.
Thanks bro excellent work
Keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback! :) I'll be doing something new in next weekend.
Well it is great improve using your mod (2-3s) cause the steering is responsive and stable. However when I try F1 2013 again I found that I enjoy 13 more because it's steering is much more responsive and easy for us Sunday drivers. Could u make another mod which is much like 13's feeling because in fact the downforce in 2014 is 20% lower than 13 which leads to more oversteer. Many thx!!! Keep going in your school work!!!
I'll try to come with something even more epic. Thanks :)
Yeah I'm a Sunday driver, =( it is impossible to control this car on pad in the hard way, any tips from experts? I've already changed the wings, suspensions, and everything just a little bit better, but there is no grip. kkkkkk
I admit it's really hard to drive now, but things that I have noticed to help is getting power down before corners, while steering nono for 100% throttle, seems it's possible that high mix has more power than low mix, but I cannot say for sure. My quick testing has shown that ride height is key factor. Althought it need some investigation more. And this was the first version of the "realistic" simulating, so it's highly possible that next versions will be easier to drive, when I find the balance, the mod will be beast.
NEAT! :) glad to hear you liked
This MOD is perfect helped me a lot, I'm 2-3-4 seconds faster, but you need to shut down that traction control and give extra grip then the MOD will be perfect, waiting for these changes, thanks = D !!! xbox game in control (you recommended and I got a my girlfriend = D)
glad to hear you liked it :). Its been little quiet now from me modding the game, since I need to give some focus on school works.
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