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F1 2014 Changes To make the Ai more like real life AI 1.0.1

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I have changed all the ai and teams to make F1 2014 more realistic
Please don't copy my work it takes ages and i do it for free.
what i changed
-Ai performances to match real life
-marussia is faster than caterham
-Williams is the 3rd fastest car after Mercedes and Red Bull
-Fuel burn is matched to real life
-Tyre ware is changed for some teams and drivers
-Cars have the proper amount of horsepower
-The physics have been tweeked

I used my safety car mod to make the safety car more realistic
working on an update for after america and uae

Latest updates

  1. Small fixes

    i will do an update later in the week for austin but for now i changed the fuel on monaco to...

Latest reviews

What kind of physics have you tweaked? What is different now than before without this mod?
jesse stevens
their is barley any difference with the physics
No effect on my save game.
And good job for the update of the database ;)
Will this effect your save game
jesse stevens
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