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F1 2014 Bad Luck and Mistake 1.2

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Through much talking with friends and fellow league drivers, I came on the conclusion that the aggression on the ai was too weak and we wanted to make the offline career mode racing more exciting so I changed the code on the research I had gotten from the previous discussion and through many trials I finally came to something that achieved what we looked for. Cars just went far too slow through corners and them just too uncommon for mechanical issues. So, this has been increased and the chances of spinning out in the rain have been increased.

This mod significantly improves the aggression of ai drivers. They try to take the inside line more often or the outside line they do not back out of overtakes so easily and are determined to overtake. Reviews are muchly appreciated .

If any Photo/Screenshots are wanted please just say

Install under C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2014

or where ever you have installed your f1 2014\ai

I do not do request because as I have little time and it takes quite a long time for small changes. Since I have little time.

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lol this is so cool tysm
now the racing is getting more intressting. thx
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