F1 2013 Realism Mod 1.0

This mod runs on the F1 2012 game, but is based on 2013 season

  1. Demy van Zoggel
    Last season's trailer can show you what to expect:

    F1 2013 Realism mod

    The F1 2013 Realism mod is made for people who like to play offline modus but do like realism, what is an f1 game without realism?

    This mod (v0.5) contains the following:

    Realistic AI behaviour
    • AI will overtake more
    • AI will not back out when they are on the inside at a corner
    • AI rarely (but they do) brake late and crash into other drivers
    • AI will not wait until all cars get passed when they are off the track, but will try to merge into the field
    2013 Car Pace
    • All cars have the pace according the 2013 season. (Fully released with v1tek's F1 2013 season release, half of it is already released in this)
    • 2013 car race pace will be updated every time when there occurs a noticable difference mid-season.
    Realistic AI strength
    • AI drivers pace is up to date according to the 2013 season (Released with v1tek's F1 2013 season release)
    • AI is more aggressive
    Mechanical Failures and DNF's
    • AI will have more mechanical failures than CM last released patch
    • Mechanical failures happen according to 2012 season, That means STR will have more mechanical failures than Ferrari.
    • Each race will have between 1-5 cars that will retire due mechanical failures, the total can sum up to 7 if there occur some crashes.
    • The DNF's can depend on your racing skill, if you make a lot of mistake the AI gets caught in this and crash into each other. So be sure you're up to the difficulty settings where you belong!
    • This mod contains a improved damage model
    • Tyre wear will be according the 2013 season, so RBR will be more aggressive on their tyres than Lotus (Released with v1tek's F1 2013 season release).
    This mod is still a 0.5 version, which means its not finished. This is because there still isnt a proper 2013 season mod it will run on. After v1tek's 2013 season mod this will be an add-on for that mod. Its build on that mod.
    This mod is physics only, so no graphical and textual stuff.
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