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F1 2012 Mod Pack Special 1.0

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Do not steal my work ! because it took me hours and hours to find each position and lost quite time with this,
contribute your view of the game, and not mine, because mine has been contributed for the benefit of all,
it's not worth stealing mods, so roll up your sleeves like I did, and try to do, if I did, you also is able,
that's how you win the respect!

Parting of the older generation

due to f1 2012 have had big mods, and have been great in the workings of all parties, without bugs as later versions such as lack of effects on replay among others, and not only so it, but because it was the only version that has received a mod visors, simulating a helmet cam!

I decided to give the F1 2012 with some things that worked in F1 2014

- Tires now have the treatment they deserve
- The weather has now smoke from the locked wheels, and the types of drops of f1 2014
- Mod cameras split screen of f1 2014 reworked and added
- And can not miss in the pack the mod visors

and so I will saying goodbye to the old engine! enjoy!


VISORS : kenken, Rini Braat, T46D, Carl Hughes, Tommi-TAG
DROPS : Zeno,
HELP : La Plata ( Kadosh54 ), Daniel Alexandru, cr3ativ3, neuer31, ML2166, WillsB3, Ryder 25, and the entire community !

Latest reviews

As usual excellent work
Thank you, Julio!
Fantastic job! Thank you!
good work men.