F1 2007 mod DLC 2 - Steering wheel lighting sequences 2013-09-02

This mod comes with more realistic LED lights sequences for 2007 cars.

  1. Melphiz
    This small additional DLC will add each team's steering wheel LED lighting sequence (not for OSD, not possible).

    The sequences are based on that old video

    which are said to be "quite accurate to real life" Well, it's hard to get good footwork from 2007 so I focused on using this one as aagancia suggested.

    I'm sorry for not providing screenshots or real ingame video but I haven't got the time to do that currently.
    Not only the sequences were corrected / added, but I also replaced the LEDs.

    left: new custom LEDs [own work] | right: LEDs as they have been before in 2007 mod

    Credits go to Wilmer Chavez for creating the steering wheels to begin with (and I used his offlight circles as base still) and thanks to aagancia for the positive feedback and permission to release it as DLC 2.
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