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F1 2003 Mod 0.6

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The mod is excellent, but I have a problem. I have to finish the 1st day of the Young driver test to unlock the career mode, but I am stuck at the KERS AND DRS System Check test. DRS is disabled and kers is, again, disabled. How do I unlock the career mode ?
I have the dlc of 90's years and for the old tracks but is not working :(
I have all the DLC's installed and copied the files from the download into my game folder and all the cars are completely black and still have the 2013 models. Reinstalled the game twice and tried again, still no fix. It worked before but now it does not for some reason.
excelente mod muchas gracias!
Amazing mod,cant wait to play it
excellet! would this be coming to f1 2014, maybe more seasons like 05 or 06?
Awesome mod
Amazing update! Thank you!
Thank you !
Great mode... looking really good. Keep up the work
Amazing update!
Installed the Mod, but doesnt work. That is bad
You must habe the DLC
How I can change the driver's textures? I tried but don't works!! the cutscene change but in game sill glitchy :((
It looks awesome , I only have a question : Can I have the 2014 Mod for the regular cars and this for the DLC?
I´m a noob at modding F1 games so please someone could help me. When I play the language changes to english but when they talk its german. How can I make the texts in german too ?
Very good one!
Can I ask; What cars are you using for the mod from the classic line up, I can't find this mentioned anywhere. Can you restore the tyre where. As a modder myself of RPG's, I have learned making a mod should not involve messing with other things which is a matter of personal taste, if so, give the users extra's as options. Having 1 pit in a 50% leaves no strategy, this is a game after all.

I actually really like it, yes it has bugs and for me, Hockenheim is unplayable, I get black flagged for dangerous driving even if i'm just out there alone, or corner cutting when on a straight, so that might be out of your ability to fix - this makes the career useless, and should be taken out, use Jurez in it's place or another. Otherwise, it's great.

Codemaster's 2013 ''demo'' didn't even let us have full qualifying in classic mode, only 10 car grid, so this essentially allows us to have a career-like season with full grid and full qualifying. Looking forward to more updates.

As a newish user of this site, and as a modder, there are big mods here that have almost NO information as to what the mods have changed or their features, only for the makers to waffle, like it is impressive. It's not. why is this? There is no standard, and it makes everything look unprofessional, I am saying this because I have had these things said to me when introducing modding on racing games to modder's from Nexus etc - and it's a criticism because we want it to be better. Anyway, more info on the mods info page please.