F1 2002 Mod [Part 2]

F1 2002 Mod [Part 2] 1.2

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Welcome to the F1 2002 Mod for F1 2020 This is Part 2!
The mod is created by Gecki Modding Team

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Thanks to all that are work with me on this project.
You are allowed to use the mod as a base to make your own season mods and to share them.

You need all Parts of this Mod to play it!!
Part 1: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2002-mod-part-1.45271/

This mod includes all teams and drivers of the F1 2002 Season + 14 reserve drivers for my team.
Because of the limitation on race department to 500MB per part, and because it is very time-consuming to update these parts individually, there is only a lite version of the mod that covers the basic functions for the Grand Prix mode.
For the full pack, see the trailer's video description!

The installation process is the same as for the F1 2003 Mod, here is the video;

The Mod includes;

- 10 2002 teams, with skins, racing suits, pit crews, logos, gloves, and race crew.
- My Team Skin + Logo
(Logo only in the Mega-Pack) for Toyota.
- All driver helmets from the 2002 F1 drivers
- Faces for 2002 drivers, all faces will be updatet soon!

(In the Lite version, Michael Schumacher has Mick Schumacher's face!)
- 14 young drivers for my team with helmets! (only Mega-Pack)
- updated menu graphics for the 2002 season
- Michelin and Bridgestone podium cap for all drivers
- Updated and different physics for all cars
- Original 2002 Videos and Transitions
(only Mega-Pack)

Information for My Team and driver carrer;
- The real dare performance is never properly displayed in the menu.

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Following works was done by;
Car swaps; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki & @ParkYongLee
Physics; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Face swaps; @Andre_FD
Helmets; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Eddie Irvine Helmet by @fluffydave
Pedro De La Rosa Helmet by @Moustagua
Jarno Trulli Helmet by @Moustagua
Marc Gené Helmet by @Moustagua

Car skins; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Steerling wheels; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki & ParkYongLee
Menu graphics; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Menu team logos; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Gloves; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Race suits; Lehbi´s Ballerbude
Pit crews; Lehbi´s Ballerbude
Race crews; Lehbi´s Ballerbude
Trailer Video; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Caps; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Nationality Swaps; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki
Videos; Tobias Freitag aka. Gecki

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Latest reviews

i dont get half the files.
A very cool mod, but can you add team garages and a paddock please?
P.S. I apologize for my English