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F1 2001 HUD Final Version

Realistic Formula 1 2001 broadcast graphic

  1. Fodi Akos
    F1 2001 HUD for Assetto Corsa.

    IMPORTANT! This HUD is totally based on Andreas Lorenz's F1 2009 HUD's files,which is based on the OV1 F1 2014 HUD, so it is not only my merit.

    There is two version: A large and a small. The small is recommended for resolutions which are smaller than 1440x900, the bigger which are larger than 1440x900px.

    Please rate this HUD, the feedbacks are important for me! Thanks! :)



    1. F1 2001 HUD (AC).png
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Recent Reviews

  1. robsonsenna
    Version: Final Version
  2. asehauDLM
    Version: Final Version
    Great job! Any chance your F1 2006 HUD will be released, too?
    1. Fodi Akos
      Author's Response
      It will come soon! But the next will other HUD. :)
  3. Roccoveer
    Version: Final Version
    nice but for me doesn't work
  4. Ismael.1
    Version: Final Version
    Great mod ! But can't you do one for the f1 2015 hud, because i found none working :)
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