F1 2000 + 1970's mod PART 3 1.0

F1 2000 season mod + 1970's classic mod

  1. Alexanderssen
    Part 3 :)


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Recent Reviews

  1. cangrejin
    Version: 1.0
    Sorry my bad english
    the best season ... without doubts. the good oldie times. Thanks Alexanderssen for this excellent job.
    please do not abandon this mod. As done what codemaster could not.

    all teams, drivers, and cars of the 2000 F1 season
    (Because it's just a mod, it brings the 1999 Ferrari painted the same
    to the year 2000, and repeats the 1999 williams painted for each team;
    but the difference between paints, helmets, sound, and engine performance
    it's a lot, so you can not tell it's the same williams)

    - original cases of the pilots of that season.
    - mechanics and technicians with clothes of each team.
    - Audio of different V10 engines for each equipment.

    - performance of very different cars between teams
    (Even though it's the modified 99's williams, you do not realize it at all)

    - bridgestone tires of that year
    - Pilot statistics
    --the tracks of the 2000 season are the most similar in order and behind
    but some were replaced with others.

    --OLD sponsors on track

    --NO DRS and KERS (installing the update of this mod)
    the drs is deactivated in the trajectory and grand prize mode, but
    is activated in the test "pureba para jovenes pilotos" ("young driver test")
    which is necessary to unlock the trajectory mode.

    - AI IMPROVED (installing the update of this mod)

    sorry my bad english
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