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F1 1999 Cars for FW21(Williams FW21) V1.3

6 Car textures for F1 2013 Classic DLC

  1. mhhkg
    Ok..I got the permission to release from Original Authors(Geckabor5lP and ML2166).
    Here are Three Cars(Prost, Stewart, Jordan).

    Prost : Marussia Slots
    Stewart : Force india Slots
    Jordan : Sauber Slots
    Williams : Williams Slots(Just Some Tweak from Geckarbor's 1990 DLC mod)
    Ferrari : Ferrari slots(Just Some Tweak from Geckarbor's 1990 DLC mod)
    Minardi : Caterham Slots
    Jordan texture has some Logo textures by ML2166.
    Alos, Nuts texture from ML2166

    Package has car textures, 3 PSD Files and database file from Geckarbor's F1 2003 mod.

    You can copy and paste folders in F1 1999 cars to your F1 2013 folder.

    Please Back up your file before install.
    f1_2013 2014-08-16 01-51-24-68.jpg f1_2013 2014-08-16 01-55-53-81.jpg f1_2013 2014-08-21 00-50-37-74.jpg f1_2013 2014-08-23 19-53-47-97.jpg f1_2013 2014-08-23 19-53-56-84.jpg f1_2013 2014-08-23 19-54-03-35.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. airutonpurosuto8912
    Version: V1.3
    These cars are awesome.
  2. maza19
    Version: V1.3
    Can you please fix the rest of the cars (mclaren, benetton, sauber)?
  3. Flavioh
    Version: V1.3
    That's awesome man! the complete season would be great!
  4. lotusmaria
    Version: 1.2
    Why lie that simple and Stewart have both been williamsi and left! Why put something that is not ready I will complain
  5. Geckarbor5LP
    Version: 1.0
    NICE :D!!!
    good job!
    1. mhhkg
      Author's Response
      Thank You...Because of you!!
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