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F1 1998 MOD (PART 2) 1.0

F1 1998 mod for F1 2013

  1. Thang Nguyen
    Hello guys :)
    This is the 1998 season mod for F1 2013 game!

    You must install 4 parts of this mod in order to experience this spectacular season. Be sure to backup the original files first.
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    What this mod features:
    - 1998 car skins, suits, drivers' helmets and garages
    - Updated AI, the language file, the cars' gearbox system (only Ferrari had 7 gears)
    - Updated the # of podiums and wins of every driver as it stood
    - Updated the track sponsors, added new tracks (Austria, San Marino, Hockenheim and "France as India") and disabled DRS and KERS as well, so that you'll feel a bit more realistic when playing
    - Updated the starting logo and added the Debugging Options mod.
    - The calendar is now adapted to the 1998 season...

    Known issues:
    - The gap between the Ferraris, McLarens and the "best of the rest" teams is too close. In 1-shot quali you could even see a Jordan, Benetton or Jordan take pole.. I've been trying very hard to find the solution
    - The car models are not coming from 1998. In Codemaster F1 games, we can't change the cars' shape, we may only change the skin or livery of them.
    - The McLaren cars seem to be too shiny to drive in sunny conditions. I'm currently working on it.

    Credits to @Alexanderssen for most assets of this mod and some other people as well, to make this mod possible.
    If you have more issues, please inform me in the Support section!
    Thang Nguyen.
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