F1 1997 Season Mod 1.1

Complete F1 2012 mod for 1997 season

  1. Melphiz
    F1 1997 Season Mod is a rework and improvement of @Schifty031 's work:

    • Download and unzip the following files:
      F1 1997 Seasn Mod - base.7z
      F1 1997 Season Mod - teams.7z
      F1 1997 Season Mod - SC files Istanbul Nurburgring.zip
      F1 1997 Season Mod - #YoungDriversTest.zip
    • Copy the content of base and teams into your "Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2012" folder and overwrite all existing. Make sure to backup your original game before.
    • Copy the content of #YoungDriversTest\1_Before_YDT to your game and overwrite existing files
    • Start the game and create a new profile, else your existing savegame will be corrupted.
    • Do the Young Drivers Test at first - completely
    • When you have absolved the YDT
      exit your game
      Copy the content of #YoungDriversTest\2_After_YDT to your game and overwrite existing files
    Now you can start your game again and have fun racing 1997 season.

    • Cars, Teams, Garages
    • Interiors
    • Tyres, Livery-raceload [Special Thanks To: @aagancia ]
    • Team Logos and Drivers Frontend
      Schifty031, Melphiz (small changes)
    • b_loading Frontend
    • Main Menu Frontend
    • Database, Performance
      Schifty031, Melphiz (mainly DB rework, small .ctf changes)
    • Language
      Schifty031 (english), WALLABY POWER (french) Melphiz (german and _eng/_fra fixes)
    • AI & Braking points [Special Thanks To: @snthennumbers ]
      snthennumbers (teammate-speed and damaged-car-speed changed by Melphiz)
    • NO DRS
    • Safety Car Fix [Special Thanks To: @remydeleeuw ]
      Roberto (Bob Back), remydeleeuw, Wills, driveroz247
    • NO KERS/DRS audio [Special Thanks To: @aagancia ]
    • Istanbul & Nürburgring Tracks [Special Thanks To: @Derpish ]
    • Weather Effects [Special Thanks To: @vlasovas ]
    1990's tracks can be found as a pack there, made by @chianamik

    All templates based on files from @ML2166

    Known issues
    Multiplayer & PROVING GROUNDS (Championsmode, Timetrial) are not working

    Common Information
    This mod contains custom damage-mod files, you may consider using "realistic damage mod" files. Further the difficulty for easy, hard and legend are taken from "True To Life AI", medium (intermediate) has been set to custom semi-pro values. You may adjust the difficulties in the database\track_difficulties: a value of ~0,06 more or less equals 1 second for the AI.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Valentin912
    Version: 1.1
    Mod Ist Okay aber problems is turkei trak chrash :(
  2. wielkig
    Version: 1.1
    This mod is undoubtedly great for the many things it delivers.

    Firstly, it gives us the chance to play in one of the best seasons ever and it may even challenge the new F1 2013's content, which in my opinion just fails to deliver what this mod does: chance to race the 1990's career (I mean, with all the pilots and cars).

    In second, the level of detail is really incredible; all the cars and garages are really well done and some other things as the menus (to choose car, track and the career's menu).

    What now may be a 'con', it's the fact that the multiplayer and proving grounds are not working, so it may keep a lot of players (those who mostly enjoy multiplayer races) from using it.
    Though if one day the possibility to race online comes, then it shall be even better.
    Nonetheless, I'm giving 5 stars for it's a really great mod and as I don't enjoy racing online (I'm just a casual gamer), for me it's everything I need - the chance to remember and race in a season which brings memories of my youth.

    Highly recommended.
    1. Melphiz
      Author's Response
      Well, one could race online with the skins only but that's it :D
      thanks for your review
  3. tigerlima
    Version: 1.1
    Super!!! XD
  4. karina-moskva
    Version: 1.1
    Super mod ! WEST Mika !
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