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F1 1997 Season Mod Part 2 1.1.2

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Been a while has it..
This update should fix running out of fuel, and Benetton driver performance has been updated.
DRS at Hockenheim is gone, and you shouldn't get a penalty anymore for "crossing the white line" at Monza. The only things I included in this update. Enjoy!
All said above. If you notice any more bugs, let me know!
edit: Also updated safety car texture for better realism
First of all, sorry RD for updating the mod way too much, this will be the final update probably!

Now, in this update, I have included a fixed McLaren texture (again, last fix still had a few issues), and a re-worked Arrows car. Also fixed the Jordan crashing to desktop at Silverstone, Suzuka, and Spa.
#PadHacks.exe included in this package!! :D

F1_2014 2015-04-06 15-52-27-720.jpg

F1_2014 2015-04-06 15-57-53-690.jpg

F1_2014 2015-04-06 16-00-07-211.jpg
We're going 1.0 yaay!
The pad handling version still isn't included in the mod, this will be included in a different package. I plan to release this pad-handling version in around 1-2 days!

Here I included the driver suits in perc ferme, garages, racecrew, pitcrew (which is converted from Steven's 1997 mod for F1 2012)
I also included the McLaren texture fix, fixing some bugs on it.

But anyway, as we are 1.00, the game should be just fine to start any kind of proper career mode now. If you notice any game-breaking bugs, let me know by either commenting down below, or sending me a private message!
looks like the uploaded file hasn't saved last time, so I will try again.. I fixed the crashing and the fuel usage for Austria.
So.. I have two database files now:
-If your game was not crashing before, the database version 1 will be installed automatically.
-If your game was crashing before, you will have to open the folder "DATABASE - If your game was crashing" in my package, and put the database file inside of the database folder in-game.
BUT, this is not all!
Now, go to the tracks folder, and create a folder called "new". Open the circuits folder, and move the following folders into the "new" folder: Brands, delhi, nurburgring, jerez, imola.
Now, rename the folders inside the new folder as follows:
Brands --> silverstone
delhi --> monaco
jerez --> catalunya
imola --> monza
nurburgring --> hockenheim

it should have the wrong pictures in the track select menu, but it'll work in the game which is all that matters :D

both databases also have a fix for the Austrian GP fuel usage per lap.
Not that much, just adding Nurburgring as I forgot to add it before.. also fixing the old driver helmets in the driver select screen, and the missing car monitor screens for Imola, Delhi, Jerez, Nurb, and Brands.
Downloading this again should not corupt your 1997 mod save file.

Thanks @Philipp Koch for spotting the Nurburgring issue! :thumbsup: