F1 1997 mod season. Part 3

F1 1997 mod season. Part 3 2018-10-18

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Hi. this is my mode of the 1997 season. I apologize, however, that English is not my favorite language.
the mode contains.

All teams of the 1997 season - cars, names of riders and
teams by season 1997, rider suit, pitsop suit, team suit, umbrellas, team panel, pillows.

Menu - is not modified by the flood of the 2017 game (unfortunately I did not know how to do it and it is not necessary when playing).

Cars replaced.

Mercedes 2017 - McLaren Mercedes 1997
Ferrari 2017 - Ferrari 1997
RedBull 2017 - Prost 1997
Renault 2017 - Jordan 1997
Force India 2017 - Minardi 1997
Toro Rosso 2017 - Steward 1997
Sauber 2017 - Sauber 1997
McLaren 1997 - Williams 1997
Williams 2017 - Arrows 1997
Haas 2017 - Benetton 1997

Unfortunately, the performance of the cars remained according to the distribution of forces from the 2017 season - I try to fix it, but I would not
like it if someone helped me. The problem is mainly from the Williams 1997 when J.Villeneuve was the world champion, and as Williams replaced the McLaren
2017 in 1997, it ended with around 12 seats.
we will be glad for every advice and help.
I am adding a copy and paste and version of the ERG Archiver6.1 if somebody got the game with the copy and paste version.
I know there's still a hill, but I do not have much time to adjust. there is, in my opinion, all that is necessary for the game. (Only those car
performances should still adjust the team + logos in the game).

I want lots of fun :)
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