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F1 1996 Ferrari & Ligier 1.2 Added Ferrari

Ligier 1996

  1. Jorodabull
    Replaces Toro Rosso

    1996 was Ligiers last year in F1, Olivier Panis one his first and his last F1 win. hope you enjoy this mod as much as i do.
    Most of the logos are from google with a little tweaking from me or are logos ive made myself. Working on completing the garage and character models for next version. skin not 100% accurate due to limitations

    Let me know if there is any issues.




    1. Ligier1.png
    2. Ligier2.png
    3. Ligier3.png
    4. Ligier4.png

Recent Reviews

  1. airutonpurosuto8912
    Version: 1.2 Added Ferrari
    Not bad at all!
  2. Pamela USA
    Pamela USA
    Version: 1.2 Added Ferrari
    Love color and nice bolid :)
    1. Jorodabull
      Author's Response
      Thank you glad you like it
  3. Patrik Martinkovic
    Patrik Martinkovic
    Version: 2014-11-06
    1. Jorodabull
      Author's Response
      Thanks ;)
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