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F1 1995 SEASON MOD PART 1/7 1.0

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Salut les gars,
There is my new mod. I hope you'll enjoy it.
Tanks for the support.

Download all the 7 parts.
The mod is only available in english
Skip the evaluation test (bug).

Features video.

Latest reviews

Me lo bajé por el circuito de argentina y no está, ni en este ni en ninguno de los mods. Un fiasco
The 90's F1 is very special to me. I'm having a lot of fun with this mod. Great job!
Excellent mod - what an efford. Thanks a lot.
Great mod, had to edit some of the ai but other than that is great.
for the guys interested on the ai edit, u need the EDE database editor, and the schemaF12014 its all on the site, than fallow the instruction to open your game database with the EDE.
after that on the EDE open the Tab f1drivers_f1teams
on the third row named f1 driver look for driver 13 with is Schumacher if you look on the first row that says ai_driver he is assigned to ai 149 with is not very good, you can look on the tab ai driver for a better ai and change it.
Kudos! Awesome mod. It's 20 years for me, since I last played that season on a GP4 mod. It made me get back to sim racing.
I've noticed the ai pilots performance could be polished tough. Herbet is consistently outpacing Schumacher. I've even tried editing the data but to no effect to my currently ongoing career.
Does anyone know how to rectify this?
I simply loved the mod! A lot of fond memories brought back with this, like the exciting Schumacher/Hill rivalry. Some of the very minor flaws, such as the cockpit view issue thats already been mentioned, are easily overlooked. Superb job!
i'm a new at this game how do u skip the evaluation test??
Mod is good, but I wonder about the AI -- most cars don't finish the race. In every other respect I really like it. Small touches like being able to select custom helmets are good.
Mod is superb, exept T-cam is too high. overall great to race. Memories coming back of old times. Hope there will be more..
Youre mods are truly awesome. great great work.
Where did you find the images of the helmets, what's on the menu?
I used a 3D model and i applied my textures on it.
another awesome mod congratulations
Decent attempt, but the insanely high cockpit camera as well as the cockpit movement is a huge drawback. Feels almost like a half-Tcam, height-wise.
Amazing, really enjoyed playing it
Great mod...a shame that's without simtek.
Thanks. I didn't put Simtek in the mod because they only run 5 GP's with 7 DNF out of 10.
jordan car is not from 95 session can you fix it
No. I had to make some compromise with the shapes of the cars to have the most realistic livery possible. PS: 2/5 stars is a little bit hard don't you think (considering the time invested in that mod) ?
Can you make 2009 Season mod?
File size
480 MB
First release
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User rating
4.41 star(s) 17 ratings

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