F1 1993 season mod PART 2 1.0

F1 1993 season mod for F1 2014

  1. Alexanderssen
    Hi guys ;)

    This is my new mod on the 1993 Formula One season. Epic season with some of the best drivers of all time: Prost, Senna, Schumacher, Hakkinen, Hill,...

    F1 1993 mod:

    Williams: Prost / Hill
    Benetton: Schumacher / Patrese
    Ferrari: Alesi / Berger
    McLaren: Hakkinen/ Senna
    Jordan: Barrichello / Irvine
    Ligier: Brundle / Blundell
    Footwork: Warwick / Suzuki
    Tyrrell: De Cesaris / Katayama
    Lotus: Zanardi / Herbert
    Minardi: Fittipaldi / Martini
    Sauber: Wendlinger / Jarviletho

    F1 1993 Tracks:

    Interlagos (Brazilian GP)
    Kyalami - Nurburgring (South African GP)
    Imola (San Marino GP)
    Barcelona (Spanish GP)
    Monaco (Monte-Carlo GP)
    Montréal (Canadian GP)
    Silverstone (British GP)
    Hockenheimring (German GP)
    Hungaroring (Hungarian GP)
    Spa (Belgian GP)
    Monza (Italian GP)
    Estoril (Portugese GP)
    Donington Park - Ostenreichring (European GP)
    Magny Cours - India (French GP)
    Suzuka (Japanese GP)
    Adelaide - Melbourne (Australian GP)


    The mod is only using the English langage file

    I hope you'll enjoy it ;) All the comments are welcome.

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  1. vova395
    Version: 1.0
    Good job !
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