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F1 1985 SEASON MOD PART 1/7 1.0

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salut les gars,
Il y a le mod de la saison F1 1985. Une des saisons les plus ouvertes avec des pilotes légendaires comme Prost, Lauda, Senna, Piquet, Mansell, Rosberg, ...

Crédits à Meff28s (enfin)

Le mod est uniquement disponible en anglais.
Rapport de bug: Vous devez ignorer le test d'évaluation

[MEDIA = youtube] b5y8PV5Lepg [/ MEDIA]

Profitez-en. Très gros mod 90's à venir
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Latest reviews

Works super great!!! But why I have to download all the parts?? I only downloaded the first and the game works perfectly
Can't get this working. Every time I try to select the team the game crashes.
The mod is great, but there was a problem in Imola, I'm going 1:30, and the bots are going 1.32.5 and this is a legend, it was a little upset.
Hello brother.I appreciate and respect your passion for F1 2014.Unfortunately it is the only game that works on my laptop.Thank you for you work and please,really please,make a mod for 2017/2018 or 2019 . Thank you for reading my message and God Bless You !
Can you add 1990 Phoenix Sponsors on Sochi Circuit?

Picture of 1990 Phoenix: https://cdn-9.latimages.com/images/mgl/2N96oK/s4/1017333020-COL-19900311-MARTINI_1990_01.jpg

Please Add 1990 Phoenix Sponsors on Sochi.
Amazing Mod!!! Congratulations. Please make MOD 1984!!!
Awesome. Please make MOD 1984,1987 or 1990. I am Senna Fan
great MOD, thank you for your work. I really like it and hope you continue to do it
WOW !! Excellent job !
AWESOME MOD can you make 2009 or 2006 season mod?
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