F&F Lukoil Lada Racing (Fictional)

F&F Lukoil Lada Racing (Fictional) 1.0

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A really nice skin, but man what language is that ? :)
Arrr, be happy that th' kraken can even speak any kind o' english! ;)

I don't 'ave such a talented mouth like ye humans thanks t' mother nature ;)
Sirotkin is no longer why this bad mod?!
Th' mod be better than yer antisocial behaviour, but that's nah quite hard.

Happy new year anyway.
Can you make 1994 skins for F1 2016? Here are the replacement teams:

Ligier > Mercedes
Jordan > Red Bull
Benetton > Force India
Minardi > Renault
Tyrrell > Toro Rosso
Lotus > Manor
Footwork > Haas

BTW can you do the Minardi M193B/194 livery? It will replace Renault. Also Use these mods

Helmets (Random): https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/daniel-ricciardo-fantasy-renault-helmet.22486/


Minardi M194 Pictures: https://cdn-4.latimages.com/images/mgl/koWVKx/s3/1016849826-SCH-19940911-594876853.jpg