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Extension Track lighting - AC GPK Baku 1.2

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First of all I would like to congratulate Nitro McClean, RMI Wood & Ofitus21 for creating the tracks. I spend a lot of time on their tracks but I missed the night racing atmosphere. so I created some track lighting for myself and decided to share it with you.

Baku (6).jpg

Baku (5).jpg


1 - Make a backup of the extension folder in the track directory
2 - Unzip my file in the track folder
3 - Open the file 'copy the contents of the file.txt'
Copy the contents of the file to the end of the ext_config.ini file located in the directory.
4 - Delete the 'Copy the contents of the file.txt'

Baku (1).jpg

Baku (4).jpg

Baku (2).jpg

Rain by Den_88
Rainfx_Den88 (1).jpg

Note :
The light settings have been optimized with the climax f1 'Realistic PPFilter Assetto Corsa' filter.

Track lighting

Adding light to the track results in lower FPS, if your setup cannot support you can turn off track lighting but keep track mood lighting.

In the ext_config_ZT.ini file
Go to the end of the file in the light track section

Put the parts [Model Replacement], Put Active = 0 instead of 1
If you want to put the lights back on, simply reset Active = 1

Credit :
by Den_88

: AC GPK Baku
Sol : Sol
Filtre : Realistic PPFilter Assetto Corsa
Rain fx : Patreon Rainf FX

Latest updates

  1. RainFX by Den_88

    Den_88 added rain to the track. Thank you to him for sharing his work so that everyone benefits...
  2. Adding lights to the track

    Sorry to update so quickly but the track lighting was not homogeneous enough Added lights on...

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i appreciate all the work you have put into these. Thanks man
zuno toto