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Estoril Historic 2.0

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Hi All!

Here comes a new Historic track : Estoril!

Many thanks to Carrera.4 and Uwe for permissions.
Thanks to Denis and Keith (images and AIW).

I drove it with alternative sounds for the F1C and it was really nice.

Comments are welcome ;)

PS : if someone wants to improve background, no problem :D. It is the weak point of the track I think.

EDIT : AI for V2.01 by Keith : https://www.mediafire.com/?wik1yggazb7tckc

Latest reviews

Just love it. They really broke this beautiful track after the changes. That 'new' chicane looks awful. But here we are, playing the historic version with the iconic malboro tower. 5 stars!
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Your a legend mate.Thank you.
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This is really excellent. Thank you!
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Yet Another Amazing Release Patrick. Thanks so much!!!
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Excellent track as Usual Patrick
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Patrick Giranthon
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