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ESPORT Formula 3 Series 2.0

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Thanks to Brototype for help reacquiring all the files from the rfcmp I was able to update this skin pack.
Please enjoy.
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Two thing have happen.
The S397 update. This broke the mod (Skins Pack) so is no longer works.
Second is my PC died! I hadn't backed up all the skins for this mod so I only have 4.
I'm unable to install the mod to rF2 because the original version number no long matches. If I could get the Mas from the rfcmp I could up date but I haven't worked out how if possible to do that.

End result; To update I'd need to rebuild it from scratch, paint the liveries, rebuild all the logos.
Because it's a lot off work and this mod has proved to be not that popular I'm not prepared to put the time into it.

However, If one off you has access to the Mas that would be in the Installed folder in the Tatuus_F3_T318_2018 folder folder 1.1 (I think) and get that to me I can fix it.
All details are on Overview page.