Esotic Slips Hud V1.5

shows tire slip under braking and slip angle under cornering

  1. Esotic
    Demo Video:

    As a big caveat, this app is hard coded to work best with Formula and GT cars (or anything using racing slicks). Some of the work to be done is to somehow graph all the tire compounds in AC and discover the real slip angle curves (slip angle vs lateral force or coefficient of friction).

    In terms of the logic I have hard coded values for min_slip (3) and max_slip (10). I have assumed that "optimum slip" is right in the middle of these two values. The colors in the video are as such:

    While Braking (brake input > 20%) it shows Tire Slip:
    color starts as black and becomes purple as you approach optimum braking. The beginning of optimum braking is purple, the end of it is yellow, if you lock up a tire it turns read, and if the back tires are slipping more than the front they turn blue. Some blue in the rear tires is ok, but lots of blue may indicate you need to shift the brake bias forwards.

    While Cornering:
    slip < min_slip starts as black and becomes whiter the closer the value gets to min_slip
    min_slip < slip < optimum_slip starts as medium green and becomes bright green
    optimum slip < slip < max_slip starts as bright blue and fades to medium blue
    max_slip < slip is bright red

    "Graphically" this would look like

    0 ------------- 3 | 3 --------------------------- 6.5 | 6.5 --------------------- 10 | 10 +
    black to white | med green to bright green | bright blue to med blue | bright red

    A tire has maximum grip at the optimum slip angle, which I am assuming is 6.5 for racing tires. If you keep the tires in the bright green while cornering, then you should be getting near maximum grip in the corners while also giving yourself a little lee-way if the slip angle increases.

    Any feedback is appreciated, especially suggestions for how to make it better. :)


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Recent Reviews

  1. Kattila
    Version: V1.5
    Good guidance but perhaps GUI could be better. Maybe my driving will improve due to this plug-in.
  2. hugopor
    Version: V1.5
    It's really useful, though it's sometimes confusing because there are so many different colors flashing while braking and also turning a little.
    I'd make a different version with no black and white slip values, cuz they do not really matter (at least not to me). Remove them completely / make them transparent and it would remove the flashing.
    Hope it makes sense.
  3. PhilVitt
    Version: V1.3
    Dave, great app. I thought I would be using this app only in the process of tuning setups. Then I realized how useful the feedback was in situation when you are losing grip. I use it all the time now and it often helps me catch rear slides that would otherwise have finished into a tail spin.

    One thing I would like though is for the tires to be more transparent (like 0 to maybe 25% max) instead of the current range when there is no significant slip affecting them. I think it should be invisible until some colors (not black/grey) start to appear. Thanks!
  4. Davemester
    Version: V1.2
    Hi. Would be nice, but i play on a tv screen, and the four wheel does not apper as when it should, but a minimized version in the upper left corner. By minimized, I mean realative to the sizes of every object in the tv screen the four indicatror tyres are small. They appear to be the size and at the place where the should be, if my screen would be quarter of a size and had its upper left corner at the same place as my tv's. (if it makes sense)

    Anyway, for that reason, I'm using your old Slip App, which I very much like. Can I in any way change the code so that tyre version 10 cars show braking again in it?

    Thx by the way, i think its a great app, funny no one makes use of this daa from the game.

  5. robnitro
    Version: V1.2
    Thanks a lot. Is it possible to change the size of this hud, like by using an ini?
  6. Coanda
    Version: V1.2
    A really nice to have real time slip data. Thank you. Could you make the app scalable in size? I am a nvidia DSR user..
    1. Esotic
      Author's Response
      This sounds like a reasonable request. I have added it to my ToDo list.
  7. Glimiril
    Version: V1.1
    Could be really useful, however tyre model 10 is causing me issues with this app, as braking display is not working and I had to go into python (using notepad ++) to change the size of the app, especially gap between wheels as they were 600 and 200 which just took up to much on single display 1080p, also it would be useful to have tyres disappear when not registering above a threshold value.

    Keep up the effort though this has a lot of potential to be really helpful and thank you.
  8. cr4wl3r0
    Version: V1.1
    thank you, very useful & effective ....
    the cockpit of the real Corvette Gt3 has something similar to display traction loss/tyre skid under braking..... is it possible to implement a smaller display or a kind of floating cockpit instrument (similar to sidekick, for example...) ?
  9. K4rBonStig
    Version: V1.1
    Many thanks!
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