Epol Corsa Cup 2010 v1.24

By K3nny

  1. Gijs van Elderen
    90 % of the work has been done by @K3nny in 2013.
    But he never found the time to fully finish this work.

    I've made some small fixes and added some car livery's. With a thumbs up form K3nny, I'm happy to share this little car.

    And Thanx to @Stefan Woudenberg for his skin he made a year ago. ;)


    Tip: lower the car to prevent it from tipping over. :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. mkilner
    Version: v1.24
    A Nice Mod for small Tracks, Found it to be a little bumper car like in handling but maybe set ride height lower, much appreciated!
  2. Stefan Woudenberg
    Stefan Woudenberg
    Version: v1.24
    This is a really fun car to drive!