Endurance Brasil - MR18 and MCR 2000 1.2

real-life series, liveries, teams, drivers and talents from MR18 and MCR 2000

  1. Conforms to AMS release v1.4.3 onwards

    Update to conform to AMS release v1.4.3 onwards

    - New smaller and prettier logo (thanks to @SCE_SR )
    - Fixed car files to use new driver arms
    - Fixed srs file with new parameters

    IMPORTANT: Endurance Brasil ALLOWS Race Refuelling. (the default MR18 and MCR2000 series do not).
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  2. Adjustments for RealFeelPlugin.ini

    Adjusted all 32 VEH files, in order to fix some issues regarding RealFeelPlugin.ini

    Now the Endurance Brasil classes will use the same settings in RealFeelPlugin.ini as the default content MR18 and MCR2000.

    Thanks to @schlitty for pointing that out. Really appreciated, man :)
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