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Emil PPFilter

Emil PPFilter 0.3.2

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  • Latest SOL 2.1.2 or higher
  • CSP 0.1.74 or higher
For questions (suggestions, bug reports etc.) please use the Ask a question/Discussion feature, not the review page.

This filter relies heavily on the Sol custom config, so i don't suggest using a different weather controller.

Please reset the Sol Custom Config app to it's default values (The big button below on the first page of the app).


Filter with no specific goals in mind, just what I think looks nice.

Currently in it's early stages.

  • Calibrate your monitor
  • Choose a time that doesn't make the shadows point completely downwards, 10:00 or 16:00 is quite nice.
  • Use good mods, and avoid the bad ones. They make quite a big difference in the way your game is going to look like.
  • (Preference) This filter was developed with the use of 2D clouds. You can change this on page 7 of the Sol Custom Config app, set the "cloud render method" to 0.

:laugh: Stay safe!

Latest updates

  1. 0.3.2 - Hotfix for Sol 2.1.2

    Updated to the latest Sol version and I immediately noticed how dark my filter became. This...
  2. 0.3.1

    Tested with SOL 2.1.1 + CSP 0.1.74 I was quite happy with the last update, but when i checked...
  3. 0.2.0

    Recalibrated my monitor, still not sure if it is correct or not but here is the new update...

Latest reviews

Finally, a ppfilter thats similar to Sol but desaturates accordingly, and the PERFECT amount of bloom which isnt too much like 95% of other filters. Good work man, Id even add a very very suble green/blue tint in the highlights due to real life atmosphere. Love this one regardless!
Love it!
Since Horizon Shades this is the first to impresses me.
Keep up the good work!
Tested with reshade and it got incredible! https://youtu.be/_oS3Cl5nn80
nice but a little dark although my screens are calibrated; I am a photographer ;)
Noted, thank you for the feedback!
love the new update looks great
Better then alot of filterts not over saturated and better then zustys nuclear radiation color filter
looks exactly like sol. I would recommend giving it some deeper colors.
Thank you for the feedback, might take in consideration. But for now everything goes nuclear if i give it more color, or too dark if i make the colors "deeper". Looking at your filter everything seems very dark as if your monitor isn't calibrated properly, although that might just be your cup of tea.
About it looking exactly like Sol i don't think that is fully the case considering both filters are trying to achieve mostly the same goal, with the exception that Sol_Extra aims to be a little more warm. You can use the following link for a little comparison between the two (RD blocks acstuff links so remove the space inbetween the obvious): acstuff .ru/u/comparison/Zz_
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