Emerald Bay -Tahoe USA Open Roam

Emerald Bay -Tahoe USA Open Roam Beta Version 1.0

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I am working on a open roads track set in Lake Tahoe for Assetto Corsa using Race Track Builder. The area that is modeled is based off real roads around Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, California. I am using google earth and maps to accurately scout the area. I really enjoy open roads tracks like LA Canyons and High Force and that is what brought me back into 3d modeling.



Version 1.00 Beta Released

Overview Map
WIP Map.jpg

Video of actual area modeled (not mine)

Preview of Beta Candidate
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Latest updates

  1. Beta Version 1.0

    After a lot of work, I have updated the track to Beta. This will be the final update for a...
  2. Version 0.2 Beta Candidate Release

    Version 0.2 Beta Candidate Improved Track Cameras Seems like the update messed up the cameras...
  3. Video Uploaded of next release

    Coming Soon Version 0.2 Beta

Latest reviews

Really good, love this track. Thank you for making it.
Amazing circuit. Loads of fun. The scenery is just breathtaking. Thank you for this gem!
Could you please finish it, with surface transitions smoothing?
One of the best street tracks for AC, racing with K.I makes alot of fun. Now RainFX would be awesome, and maybe a few lights at night. Great Track.
amazing track!!!!!
Good map

Pls change country in ui_track.json to "U.S.A." so the flag is correct in content manager
Wonderful drive, thank you.
Fantastic job, I can't believe I only just found this track!
Even though some textures need work. but it's such an honestly fun and maybe unique track to drivw on, because its fairly (maybe) dangerous. Just wish it had more grid space.
beautiful road, great job!
what a great track mod! thank you so much :)
I Love open roam tracks, and the fact that talented modders give so much time and energy to create these gifts to sim racing is amazing. Thanks to Kunos for Assetto Corsa and to all modders for the content you create. Its all your efforts that have kept Assetto Corsa alive and elevated it to the amazing simulation it is. Thanks again
This track look awesome.
Great work dude :-)

Best regards
Amazing work. Colouring is now subtle and realistic. It looks great and is fun to drive.

It could use some more warning signs for the sharp corners...

I love these free flowing corners but I get launched when I drive over the bridge.
impressive update! light-years better! keep up! :)
excellent track like the LA CANYON
The new road and water shaders are a huge improvement to the map and give a lot more realistic feel. The new 4k textures plus the grass tweaks also makes it a lot more immersive. I love the way this project is going along with how you are constantly improving the map. Keep up the good work! One issue that I noticed is that in some areas and from different angles the road would look overly bright but other than that this is a huge improvement. Good job!
The next LA Canyons in development here. Nice work man!
All it needs now is traffic AI.
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