Eifel Betonschleife

Eifel Betonschleife 2019-04-19

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Eifel Betonschleife for Assetto Corsa by Sergio Loro

Eifel Betonschleife is a simple circuit, the frontstraight deposits us in a slow curve to the left followed by a long loop to the right of constant speed that will take us to the back straight, the next curve is the left one, going up we find a Right hairpin that will take us down to the main straight, connected by a long curve to the right, all this on concrete surface. With few curves, each represents a challenge, the width of the circuit helps you to enjoy good wheel-to-wheel racing. I hope you enjoy it.

  • This track is part of the F3 Classic Tracks by Sergio Loro Project.
  • Scratch made by Sergio Loro with help from Fat_Alfie (unimog 3d) . Any asset or map used by this package is used under authorization of their respective owners.
  • I want to thank everyone who beta tested the track, made screenshots and videos. Thank you!


  • Drop the track folder file in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\”
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Latest reviews

Good track but the textures lacks a bit of saturation and the grass is a bit too blueish.
Lovely classic track. Good detail overall.

What year is this track? I've marked it as 1969 but somehow I get the feeling it's older.
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
yes, it call fit that year, but i used more like early and mid 60's pictures as reference.
Thank you very much, great track to race the classics here.
I especially love the atmosphere you created.
Mmmm maybe I did install this wrong but I get an payware DLC notification.
If this is true I would like to see this, before I download this.
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
Track load is free to use, not charge at all.
Very good :)
Nice thank you very much, also for the textures pack. The vid in the textures contains some nice Formula Junior (I think) cars. Do you know where I can get them please
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
please visit www.f3classictracks.com for more info ;)
Thank you, link for the texture pack available in the suppot section ;)
The video showing how I had a good time on the circuit
Small question: Why did you go with "Eifel" and not "Nürburgring"?
Very high quality track, thank you!
great Job!
Absolutely brilliant (as usual for your work)!

Surprised this only has a handful of reviews, I'd of thought one of the classic Nordschleife layouts would get more attention.

Looking forward to your future work :)
merci or thank you
Excellent. Thanks
very nice high-quality-track with beautyful atmosphere! very funny with formula fords. closer trackside cams in the corners would be great...
Yes Baby! Someone hear my Prayers and give us the "Old School" Racing Tracks back! Thx a lot!
Hope the Sudschleife comes soon.
Love your work, thank you!
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