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EGO CTF Editor 4.2

Edit car performance files from the Ego Engine games.

  1. Petar Tasev
    EGO CTF Editor

    version 4.2.2016.0920
    With this program you can edit CarTuningFile (CTF,CSV) files for the EGO engine games. These files contain car performance data.

    • Intuitive GUI -- The graphics user interface has been built to allow maximum ease of use when editing files.
    • Easy Compare -- Aside from the files' data being lined up side by side, with the click of a button the program will show you all the differences between the files.
    • Community Involvement -- Schema files for each game are in xml format so that modders can edit descriptions of their findings for the file's values and share them with each other.
    • Open With -- Allows you to choose "Open With" and select this program to open CTF files.
    • 4.2.2016.0920
      • Fixed string parsing errors on Non-English language computers
    • 4.1.2013.1106
      • Sped up opening of files
      • Added a Save All and Close All command
    • 4.0.2013.0530
      • Added support for Dirt, and Grid 2
      • Fixed Dirt Showdown
      • Fixed Pasting when rows are hidden
      • Simplified UI
      • Uses EEL
    • 3.1.2013.0107
      • Fixed Various Bugs for Grid
      • Cleaned up backend
      • Started New Version System
    • 1.2.2013.0106
      • Improved Error Checking
      • Changed FloatList Unknown to Step
      • DragDrop Feature to Open Files
      • Small Update to Schema Files
      • Added Support for Race Driver Grid
    • 1.1.2012.1005
      • Improved UI in Column Filter and FileDialog areas
      • Added Support for Dirt Showdown, and F1 2012 games
    • 1.0.2012.0606
      • First Release
    • Ryder25 - For creating the program. (modding(at)ryder25.com)
    • Miek - For figuring out the schemas for the files which make all of this possible.
    • luh-koala - For creating program icon.
    • famfamfam.com - For the "silk" menu icons.

Recent Reviews

  1. yepiamback
    Version: 4.2
    Know what to do, but only ego game I have is Dirt Rally. I'm sort of new around here, but I'm guessing that Dirt rally isn't supported, seeing as every time I open the files it says input string was not in correct format (new line) 3 mass, then a load of random chars. Please respond, and thank you for your hard work!
    1. Petar Tasev
      Author's Response
      Yes, you're right. There is no support for Dirt Rally.
  2. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 4.2
    Can now open dirt rally ?
    1. Petar Tasev
      Author's Response
      No, that's still tough to do.
  3. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 4.0
    Thanks very much , nice you back again .
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