EEC_GT3 Sound revision v.1.12

Revision of the in- and external engine-, gearbox-, startup-sounds and much more.

  1. YassiX
    EEC GT3 Sound Mod

    What I did:
    I filtered, equalized and rebalanced all of the available sounds to better match the real cars and to be more enjoyble. As an addition to that I adjusted the idle rpms.

    Please keep in mind that the external camera is just about 4m (arround 12ft.) behind of a racecar and it should sound like that!

    During that process I tried to find the "golden middle" between low and high budget headphones as well as stereo and surround systems like the Logitech Z906 for example. I rechecked everything several times with different equalizer settings on mainboard-onboard sound, diffrent soundcards and some headphones as well as 5.1 surround and

    stereo direct via optical fiber.

    This should work for most people and I hope that you will be able to adjust your system to your liking.

    ENJOY! :)


    Just like the most mods you have to unzip the file and copy it into your Automobilista directory.


    My Goal was to filter out the characteristics of each engine, so I'm aware that they don't sound 100% like the original but now they're much closer. Some files were really quiet so you might notice a diffrence, I balanced it as good as possible. The Ginetta G55 has some serious problems, I couldn't fix them yet and excluded this one. I will do my best to get it in the next few updates!


    Any questions in english or german please, thx!
    Make a backup of your files or simply install the EEC_GT3 mod again to reverse this modification.:)

    Credits: Special thanks to the European Endurance Center for their great mod and for giving me permission to upload this revision! :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. elvis feet
    elvis feet
    Version: v.1.12
    That's very cool. Change rarely hurts. Thanks.
  2. GhostSniper768
    Version: v.1.12
    Nice work on this, there's deffo more quality in these sounds than the stock mod ones, less distortion more cleaner sounds, properly balanced interior sounds, Thanks for this!

    But some of the cars are louder than others? Maybe cause N A than a turbo?

    (Porsche? and Aston? I think?); I found those opponent cars to be very loud compared to my own car (Audi LMS) on track and other cars around me, but putting the opponent volume down to 35% sorted that but made the other cars too low.

    I've only driven 2 cars at the moment, so I'll keep checking and see and can provide a proper summery for you if needed.

    Another thing I noticed was that there's some kind of loud high pitch noise I sometimes got on idle when I tried exiting the pit box with the Audi LMS, Fuel pump noise? IDK if that was there before, I never noticed it till now xD
    1. YassiX
      Author's Response
      Yes, I'm not finished with this mod, the already updated cars are quite close to be done and all of the others (the louder ones) will follow but it takes a lot of time.
      Right when I will have finished the car sounds themselves, I'm gonna balance the volume to each other in races.:)
      The "pitch noise" seems to be a problem with the latest AMS version, v1.4.8 works just fine.

      I'm glad you like!

      Enjoy! :)
  3. milka39
    Version: v.1.11
    Hi, the same thing for the Aston Martin, very great mod, good physics thanks a lot for your works
    1. YassiX
      Author's Response
      Thx, I'm glad you enjoy.:)
      Yes, the Aston is not updated yet. Don't worry, I'll rework that one as well.
  4. ClimaxF1
    Version: v1.10
    My review is only based on the one car that I tested and was hoping for something good.

    The Aston Martin V12 Vantage default sounds are actually pretty good, just the external engine power sound files need some amplification and the rest you can fine tune with sfx file.

    Your version is nothing like a Aston, to me this is just loud noise and distortion.

    I know you've left the tire skid sounds as are but these you can also reduce a bit as the default ones are a bit excessive.

    I hope your other sounds are better and look forward to future updates.

    Thanks for the upload!
    1. YassiX
      Author's Response
      Hi ClimaxF1,
      I would like you to read throug my descriptions. By now I just finished the updated cars and the Aston is one these to come.
      The "distortion problem" will be fixed as good as possible and is part of the ongoing proscess.
      Please keep in mind, that this is a revision. So I'm related to the files I got and to get the best out of it.
      If you really would like to review my work, listen carefully to the finished cars.;)

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