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Dubai Autodrome 2019-04-07

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Dubai Autodrome with two layouts.
GP & International.
This mod was created by HemiR.
Decide to share with you guys,might be somebody will like it.

'Completed in 2004, the Dubai Autodrome was the UAE’s first fully-integrated multipurpose motorsport and entertainment facility. At the heart of the Union Properties MotorCity development, it includes an FIA

Latest updates

  1. Dubai Autodrome fix

    Fix for those who don't have Content Manager.

Latest reviews

Encore une fois très très beau circuit
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Excellent mod but its AIs are wrong. Is it gonna get an update about it?
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This mod is top draw for me there is nothing out of place all the buildings, scenery and graphics look amazing, also big shout out to A.K.Racing for the version for those who don't have CM. Keep it up folks
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thank you.
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top noch
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very nice. if there is one more layout - CLUB will be perfect
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Very good, but some textures in the background are completely white (at least using SOL). Any way to fix it ?
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Probably one of the more underrated tracks in Assetto Corsa. It is well-modeled, well-textured, and functionally all looks to be in order from driving a few laps against AI. Strongly recommend.
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Very nice. One of my favorite tracks. Glad to see a well-done version in AC.
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Gracias y magnifico trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
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muchas Gracias =) ya
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encore merci
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The look of most of this track is great love the bits of rubber! adds immersion! just the background buildings are white but yeah hope this gets finished!
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This mod was created by HemiR for his league. He made it publicly available on another forum a short while back. It is a conversion from NFS Shift (or Shift 2, I can't remember which).

Anyway, it's a decent version, so these 5 stars are for his work.
Thank you I will name of creator in description!Hope he will make a better physics update in the future.
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Graphics are very good, but the physical mesh could be improved with a higher resolution, as I can feel vibrations in the wheel in every turn
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I wish we knew who the author was cause this is an amazing track. even has some night lighting. very well done
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