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DTM championship 2002 3 careers

2002 DTM championship onboard of the Audi TTr ABT.

  1. Mathieu Keller
    Let's race your Audi TTr against the Mercedes CLK V8 and the Opel Astra V8 on famous circuits during the 2002 DTM championship.
    The career has 10 events. start.png

    All drivers (23 opponents + you as Laurent Aiello), real locations, real qualifying time, real number of laps and real temperatures.

    The format of each event is:
    1x 90min practice
    1x 35min qualifying
    1x 100km race
    You'll find all the mods needed and the links to download them in the readme How to install file. The audi ABT is included in the zip.
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Recent Reviews

  1. gturismo
    Version: 1.2 with new Opel Astra
    Thanks for this career. I like it so much.
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