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DRSSound Fix

DRSSound Fix 2.1

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Great app, Definitely a must have!
Amazing, thanks!
I'm colourblind. The DRS indicators in game, and even on Sidekick, are utterly useless to me.

This is the perfect solution. Thank you!
Wow, that's awesome, I'm glad it could help you!
Muchas gracias por esta modificación, hasta el sonido del alerón al abrirse. Lo único malo es que cuando se reproduce el sonido, el juego tiene un ligero lag o congelación. Por lo de mas, todo genial.
Very handy!
Super useful! I raised up the audio files' volume via Repaer, by using a simple master limiter. You can download the louder audio files here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6vzt5dmu8wti5m2/DRSSound+LOUDER.rar/file
add-on does not work
Hi, I've contacted you in DMs regarding fixing it.
Thank you, but is it possible to turn up the sound cuz it's barely audible with the engine noise
I'm sorry, to me it was too loud so I made it more silent, the only way to increase the volume back is to replace the sounds inside the app folder with a louder beep (or make the beep itself louder with a program such as Audacity). Make sure they're .wav and have the same name, though.