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DRM Revival 1.2

DRM Revival Mod for Assetto Corsa with 20% discount.

  1. DRM Modding Team
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    The DRM Revival mod for Assetto Corsa is now available to purchase with discount.

    With the kind permission of RaceDepartment, we can now post the link to our store for this resource, and as a thank you, we are offering 20% discount to all RaceDepartment premium members on the price of our car. You don't pay EUR 15,00 but only EUR 12,00 when you have an active premium membership.

    20% Discount Promo Code
    Grab the promo code for premium members here.

    A Premium Membership only costs EUR 10,00 a year and besides all the cool features this site offers you already save EUR 8,15 on just discounts. Not a premium member yet? You can upgrade your account here.

    The work of this mod spanned over a period of more than 3 years. We developed internal standards for graphics, sounds und physics, but the previously simply "conversion" turned into a complete rebuild.

    The vehicles date back to the years 1977 -1981 and could be driven in the former racing championship “Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft”, which was regulated by Group5 rules.At that time turbocharged cars where the measure of all things. No victory was possible without turbo engines. But the immense development costed a lot and of course the performance of the cars exploded and in the early 80`s the end of that era was near.

    And now we will bring back these monsters and we proudly present our interpretation of the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft for Assetto Corsa.
    • 17 different cars (10 car models in a total of 17 configurations)
    • nearly all cars comes up with individual physics and sounds
    • featuring fully detailed car models
    • each car has 4 LOD levels for a perfect performance at online races
    • visible damage with wobbling parts and scratches
    • kill the engine with over revs on downshift or driving too long with too much boost
    • visible transition from a clean to a dirty car
    • animated parts like shifter, exhaust, engine parts, mirror, wipers and more
    • adjustable turbo boost over all race sessions
    • implementation of cold and hot brakes and tires
    • three tire compounds for short and long distances and a rain tire for wet tracks
    • support for the shader patch dynamic light (wiper, rain tread, individual head, tail and brake lights)
    DRM REVIVAL Version 1.1

    we are happy to release today the first update of our
    DRM-REVIVAL MOD for Assetto Corsa.
    The new version called DRM_REVIVAL MOD 1.1.



    PHYSICS: more brake power for cold brakes under 150 degree Celsuis
    PHYSICS: more tire grip at temperatures less than 60 degree celsius
    PHYSICS: new tire called "endurance" with less wear rate and more heating stability.
    PHYSICS: the advanced suspension setup to adjust the bump and rebound of the damper is now enabled
    PHYSICS: KI improvements and a new ai_tyres.ini for the pit stop
    GRAPHICS: backfire with reworked animation and textures
    GRAPHICS: wobbling mirror deactived
    GRAPHICS: reworked shift and fuel lights
    GRAPHICS: driver view camera positon fixed, please check you camera position
    GRAPHICS: correct mirror aspect ratio
    GRAPHICS: brighter gauge lights
    UI: corrected car information and technical data
    SOUNDS: tweaked Turbo sounds
    SOUNDS: surround sounds enabled
    MANUAL: updated the information about new "Endurance" tire and brake temps.

    RMT 1001

    GRAPHICS: completely new cockpit (models, textures and materials)
    GRAPHICS: new RPM/TURBO gauge textures
    GRAPHICS: new steering wheel texture/material and some 3dmodel adjustments
    GRAPHICS: template fix
    GRAPHICS: body map texture fix
    GRAPHICS: hood vents fix
    GRAPHICS: driver door uv/model fix
    GRAPHICS: rear wings smoothed and some hard edges eliminated (both wings)

    RMT 120

    PHYSICS: modified lag for the turbo
    PHYSICS: modified power less 5.000 U/min for better KI starting
    SOUNDS: new internal and external sounds for RMT 120_1
    SOUNDS: new internal and external sounds for RMT 120_2


    GRAPHICS: new door handles (period correct from the ra28)
    GRAPHICS: added hood vents (because reasons, also from the ra28)
    GRAPHICS: fix the showroom issue for the delikata
    SOUNDS: tweaked external and internal sounds


    GRAPHICS: smoothed the dash light models
    GRAPHICS: new gauge textures
    PHYSICS: modified lag for the turbo


    GRAPHICS: fixed the internal windshield banner
    GRAPHICS: smoothed dash lights
    GRAPHICS: new dash light textures
    GRAPHICS: fixed reflection in the window frame
    GRAPHICS: added new dashpad material/textures/shader
    GRAPHICS: revised cockpit shaders with new effects and some textures
    GRAPHICS: closed the gaps in the door internal panels
    GRAPHICS: revised steering wheel shader/textures
    GRAPHICS: fixed shifter animations timing
    GRAPHICS: fixed car body map file
    PHYSICS: modified lag for both turbos
    SOUNDS: new internal sounds


    GRAPHICS: new shift light


    PHYSICS: modified lag for the turbo
    PHYSICS: little more power over 8.000 rpm
    PHYSICS: modified 5th gear
    SOUNDS: tweaked internal sounds


    PHYSICS: fixed issues with a LUT-files, no more errors will be written into the log files
    PHYSICS: reducing the number of objects with the same material. Should help with performance.

    CARMA 308 FF

    PHYSICS: modified front suspension. It will be change the FFB, please check the FFB value ingame.
    GRAPHICS: added shift and fuel lights

    RMT 1N

    PHYSICS: modified front suspension. It will be change the FFB, please check the FFB value ingame.
    PHYSICS: modified lag for both turbos
    PHYSICS: power less 4.000 U/min for better KI starting
    PHYSICS: fixed wastegate at rpm limiter
    SOUNDS: tweaked internal sounds

    DRM REVIVAL Version 1.2

    we are happy to release today the second update of our
    DRM-REVIVAL MOD for Assetto Corsa.
    The new version called DRM_REVIVAL MOD 1.2.



    PHYSICS: Balance of performance of all cars carefully adjusted
    PHYSICS: new tire called "rain" to use for wet tracks
    GRAPHICS: reworked head lights and brake ligths
    GRAPHICS: reworked gauges and needles for a better view at night
    GRAPHICS: reworked mapping of the internal windows
    SOUNDS: added rpm limiter sounds
    SOUNDS: performed sound tweaks and improvements
    MANUAL: updated information about new "rain" tire and the support for the Dynamic Shader Light Patch

    SUPPORT for the Dynamic Shader Light Patch by Ilja Jusupov:

    • new tread texture for rain tire (visible change of tread in the car setup)
    • vehicle specific settings for color, shape of head lights and head light cone, tail lights and brake lights
    • improvements of the reflection into the cockpit view
    • working wiper animation for all cars

    IMPORTANT: The Shader Patch is optional. The DRM REVIVAL MOD works well without this Pack!!!

    RMT 120

    GRAPHICS: added the missing internal windows and reflection
    GRAPHICS: animation of the wiper


    GRAPHICS: fixed the missing reflection of gauges
    GRAPHICS: correction of driver eye position
    GRAPHICS: alternative texture of the steering wheel used in the skin number RC_9, RC_40, RC_52


    GRAPHICS: fixed the driver arms animation and position
    GRAPHICS: animation of the wiper

    Read the extensive manual here


    1. Screenshot_drm_delikata_2_ks_nordschleife_11-3-118-19-57-1.jpg
    2. Screenshot_drm_delikata_2_ks_nordschleife_11-3-118-19-59-8.jpg
    3. 20181114204416_1.jpg
    4. 20181211192109_1.jpg
    5. 20181211193516_1.jpg
    6. 20181211193603_1.jpg
    7. 20181211195553_1.jpg
    8. TREAD.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. ChikiWaki
    Version: 1.2
    Amazing MODs!! Really well done job. Even though it is a paid MOD, I believe the price is a bargain. The quality is paramount, the graphics stunning, the sound is sooooo great, sometimes it seems you are losing pieces from the engine :-)
  2. Vinpetrol
    Version: 1.2
    Hi, im enjoying the mod, im a modder myself so i appreciate the time, my most popular item being nascar legends mod for wreckfest.
    I have just one issue, im trying to see if all cars are equal before i create a race, but the AI are choosing different tyres to eachother on qualification, it also seems there are 2 maybe 3 different performance classes of car, but its hard to tell from the names of the cars and with the AI tyre choices, can you help me please?.
    Thanks :)
  3. Rattlehead
    Version: 1.2
    Some of my all time favorite race cars.An absolute blast to drive!
    Thank you!!
  4. scottiedawg66
    Version: 1.2
    If you want an engaging driving experience these cars are IT. H pattern, huge power, and communicative physics. Worth Every Penny
  5. I'///MFan
    Version: 1.2
    Simply one of the best mods for AC. For 70'-80's racing fans like me it's must have, after this mod i have barely used other cars at all.
  6. Mark Ratzenbacher
    Mark Ratzenbacher
    Version: 1.2
    Wow, just wow. I have missed out on this gem despite reading a lot of very good comments until now. It was a case of "no budget, no buy" ;) (quote belongs to CC)
    Sounds are excellent, graphics quality is superb, FFB is alive, i am deeply immersed. More than i expected. Thank you for this mod ! 5/5 (even it was hidden behind a paywall for me)
  7. FSX3D
    Version: 1.2
    It's good, update received :)
  8. Robin_NL
    Version: 1.2
    Just got a notification version 1.2 is ready for download.

    In 1.2 is it possible to put the real skin/liveries, because of graphical changes? Cheers Robin
  9. michael thomson
    michael thomson
    Version: 1.1
    One off the most challenging cars to drive Thanks for this excellent car pack . I have a lot of work to do
  10. Gelly916
    Version: 1.1
    Absolutely fantastic mod! Group 5 is the business!
  11. iwn
    Version: 1.1
    In this mod many pieces fall into place perfectly. Cars are very much drivable and have a sense of a racer. So physics are believable. Then the cars are sexy. Almost most importantly the sounds have been taken care of. These beasts are alive and kicking and sounds contribute to one of the best immersion experiences I have ever had with a desktop PC. Furthermore they can be used in a wide variety of tracks. Can I send more money?
  12. aspacioquevuelco
    Version: 1.1
    You have to improve the car sounds if you want 5 stars...
  13. mj911
    Version: 1.1
    love racing these cars, cant say all are brilliant as haven't driven them all, but those I have, I really enjoy racing. What spectacular grids you can have too and the sounds are amazing.
    with a rift its mind blowing if you love historic racing.
  14. Juergen Lung
    Juergen Lung
    Version: 1.1
    Thank you very much
  15. RMR1
    Version: 1.1
    Very welcomed update all around. Thx!
  16. eboo
    Version: 1.0
    Nice but need some tweaks
  17. leclettico
    Version: 1.0
    I'm totally overwhelmed by this mod!
    In terms of fun and engagement it's the state of art.
    Yes, there are some inaccuracies in LOD, but the engagement overwrites everything.
    This is the most fun I ever had in AC.
    No doubt.
  18. themission2
    Version: 1.0
    15,- € PUUUUH... ...BUT... ...WOW!!! FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU!!! ;-/)
  19. Arnaud91
    Version: 1.0
    super mod
  20. Neville Roberts
    Neville Roberts
    Version: 1.0
    Thank You,
    Great sounds etc.,
    My only concern is regular mini-freezes which can be very disconcerting in a corner.
    It doesn't happen with standard Kunos content..
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