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Driver Workshop + Templates

Driver Workshop + Templates 1.2

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Driver Workshop Mod V1.2
Now includes Ben Collins AKA THE STIG

Comes with PSD / 3D PSD / Textures UV / AO / NM and 3D files to enable full customization of the content

Special thanks to @A3DR for testing and screens :)

Any questions please use the support page and I will reply to any bugs or issues .

Place the driver_no_helmet.kn5 in this location

Meant for custom mods only Enjoy .....



Updated V1.1

Updated V1.2
Special thanks to RD Community member @luathas
for providing us with Ben Collins

WIP PitCrew / Unreleased /

Full installation methods page 5 of support .

Please do not upload the content anywhere else was created specifically to be uploaded only @RD

If you use the content please leave credits .​

Latest updates

  1. Updated with Ben Collins AKA "The Stig"

    Updated to version 1.2 now includes 3 files .kn5 Driver no helmet / Driver sunglasses /...
  2. Now with sunglasses

    Updated current release now the mod includes / driver_no_helmet.kn5 / driver_sunglasses.kn5 And...

Latest reviews

Great mod. Street cars look way more sensible with a civilian driver.
Thanks to the author for this very good mod

Halloween special + test texturing my face

And thank you for answering in private
Amazing to have realistic driver. super job man !
This is definitely one of the things that was missing in Assetto Corsa. We can certainly have some fun with this...the possibilities are endless!
wow Great! Thank You so much!!!!

Now we could cooperate to fnish "Ordinary Driver Mod" :)
Check it out here:
Amazing as always and now cool with sunglasses too!
If there will be a way to use it in kunos road cars too (and add sone civilian clothes to the driver) it will be a real huge thing for the game

Keep up the good work!
Finally!! For almost as long as I've been playing AC I have wondered why no one made a driver's head without a helmet attached. Of course, I have no idea if it was a very difficult accomplishment or not, but I can say that the product is awesome. Thank you...We've needed this for so long.
looks really great :) but until someone also makes civilian clothes mod, it'll still look pretty funny, a guy driving in racing overalls but forgets his helmet :D would look more normal for a guy wearing civilian clothes to wear a helmet when driving a fast car :P
HAHA :-D How nice is this ?!! Same question like Phonix77 -> own faces possible? Great Job thx man :-D
Awesome idea, this is so needed for all of Assetto Corsa's road cars. Official and Mod cars.

If there's ever a potential, easy way for all AC users to photoshop their own faces into a car skin... That could be great for immersion.
This mod could be massive a step in that direction :)

Imagine in VR, racing against friends... and looking across at them as they cut you off :)
If only all of the road cars in game had 1 custom skin that you could personalise & upload to servers.
I don't know of any driving simulator that does that.

This mod has to be made official!
Cool! ;)
Really nice :'D
Great addition. This cool mod was waited, as mentioned by others. No gloves (clean hands) - possible?
Thanks You.
I need it X ;-)
Amazing mod!
Pity it is for mod cars only
Now we need civilian clothes too!
Finally someone did it! Thank you 100000001 Stars ! :)
Excellent! One question. Once I place the file inside the folder, how do I use it for each car? Or all cars will have a helmetless driver?
Best mod ever, 10000000 stars :)
Yessir! Finally! Thanks for this. I would give 50 stars if I could. Been waiting for this for ages.
File size
121.2 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.95 star(s) 19 ratings

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