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Driver Specific Livery 1.0

allows separately liveries for each driver

  1. Melphiz
    This mod is based on the Driver specific livery mod originally made by Ryder25 and fix-released by aagancia here...


    This is a revision of the mod for F1 2013.

    The mod allows you to have completely different liveries for each driver in a team. ex. Alonso drives a red ferrari, while Massa drives a yellow ferrari


    Copy "raceload.jpk" included in the package and overwrite the one in your F1 2013 installation folder. (remember to make a backup first)

    follow the directory structure pictured below:


    to make Safety Car work. Just copy sc2_gen_high_main.pssg from \F1 2013\cars\sc2\livery_main\textures_high

    rename and paste in the appropriate folder (sc2) as shown above.


    If you want to save disk space, you may delete all PSSG files in the livery_main folder for each car.
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Recent Reviews

  1. CC
    Version: 1.0
    I Know its not your work but great release m8 ,,, Great little Mod software:-)
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